DAY 1(Getting Started)

Well, I thought I would start off with a deep and meaningful, artistic photo….what did I find…Nada! So sitting here this evening I decided to take a photo of my Xmas Tree, after all it is seasonal and if I do manage to keep this up for a year it will be interesting to see what my tree looks like in 2012. I’ve never really thought of the future really, I really do take one day at a time and today I found myself wondering whether I would still be living here in a years time! That is really sad, after all I’m 50 years old, although certainly don’t feel that old. Maybe I’m the female version of Peter Pan.

I’m really hoping this blog will make me think more about my life and what I’m actually doing here! I’m also hoping that I will get braver and start posting some of my poetry and maybe even feeling brave enough to air my views…how controversial that would be…for me anyway!!

I don’t even know at this point in time how people find other people’s blogs so at the moment I feel a little silly as though I’m writing to myself . Maybe I should have called my blog ‘Beginners Blog’ because really at the moment I have no idea what I’m doing.

Ah well, we shall see….

Let me know what you think...

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