Just Grateful

I don’t have a country house with an acreage of land
But I have a little semi, it’s not exactly grand
I don’t have an expensive, flashy, sports car
But I have a saloon which will take me just as far

I don’t have a holiday home in some hot and sunny land
But I do get to go and feel my feet upon the sand
I don’t have a pied a terre in the centre of the city
It’s not something I would like to have, so that’s no great pity

I don’t have a full bank account on which I can rely
But I’ve everything I need and that truly is no lie
I have not had a face lift, a little nip or tummy tuck
I’m really not all that bad and am thankful for my luck

I don’t have a pedigree who has ever won a prize
But a rescued mongrel with love and faithfulness in his eyes
I’m not married to a millionaire who earns more than I can spend
But I have a real treasure and our love will never end

All these things that I do not have, would happiness they bring
I’m just grateful for what I have and I wouldn’t change a thing

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