DAY 4 (Toilet Humour)

Spending a Penny?


As I left the house this morning I noticed that my neighbours, who are having building work done, had left a toilet on the side of the road.  So I decided to take a photo, as I did another neighbour ran out and said ‘Do you want me to sit on it for you?’

Well what could I say?  And here’s the result, a little random but fun!!

A couple of years ago, my sister and I were walking our dogs and of course they do what dogs do….they poo!!  My pet hate is people who leave the mess on paths, so dutifully I collected the offending deposit with a poo bag, rather than leave it on the path, and let people think I had no intention of disposing of it.  I popped it in the very large ‘game pocket’ in the back of my jacket with both side zips open…..Now don’t ‘Eugh!!!!’ the bag was totally sealed and if I remember rightly – ‘lavender scented’ . I would pop it in the bin back at the car park when leaving.


Anyway, we carried on with our walk, on our way home, as it was my husband’s birthday we decided to pop to the local shops and purchase a birthday cake.  I was so impressed, my sister had a new monster truck, with seats that warmed up…how very posh and very welcome after a winter walk!!  We drove to the village and parked up. As we got out of the car, I noticed a really foul smell, I thought it must be the drains and made some comment about how it wasn’t good enough that the council hadn’t sorted the drains out for my sister’s visit.  Now, you must remember that I live in a rather lovely, leafy green, town in Surrey, it’s expensive, I mean really expensive…wall to wall mansions, and celebrities and football players a go-go!!


Anyway, we have a very nice ‘boulangerie’ which is the brain child of a TV celebrity chef!!  And there in the window was the most beautiful Chocolate gateaux with chocolate topping, whipped cream and decorated with shiny, dark, red cherries…..(Black forest to you and me!)  It was perfect, we went into the shop and joined the rather long queue, we were with the creme de la creme here, no Supermarket cake for my hubby!! I whispered to my sister that I could still smell that rotten odour,  and suddenly realised what the smell was!!! and we started giggling, I mean really, at our age….it was just like being kids again, when we used to go to church…we always ended up in fits of the giggles.

Yes it had been warming up nicely during the journey, I’m afraid I just left the shop and abandoned my sister in the queue….

I was doubled up on the pavement with stomach cramps and laughing out loud and my poor sister who I could see through the window was shaking, trying to control the laughter.  The other people in the shop had a very strange look on their faces…yep they too had sniffed it!!!  What must they have thought?


I would like to apologise for this… but I won’t…..It was just too funny and my sister and I giggle every time we mention it or drive past that bakery….I must add that I haven’t been back since….It’s far too expensive!!!!



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