DAY 6 (Chasing my tail)

Wow what a day!  I woke at the most ridiculous hour…something like 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep so as usual came downstairs and pottered around.  Then fell asleep again until 10am.  Not good, found myself tearing up to the woods to walk the dog with my mates….I hadn’t brushed my teeth, my hair and wasn’t even properly dressed.  AND I’d put on too many clothes it was far warmer outside than it looked through the window.
I couldn’t find


my car keys…in my husband’s jacket pocket so no wonder I couldn’t find them!!

Isn’t it always the same when you have a list as long as your arm of things to do?
 Tonight we have friends coming to dinner – we’re trying to get in the Christmas mood!!
My list read as follows:
Do shopping
Clean bathroom
Hoover upstairs
Hoover downstairs
Mop throughout
Set table
Do washing
Hide ironing
Light fire
Put bins out
Have shower
Do nails
Oh and blog!!!!
I’m now sat here having done it all!  Isn’t it amazing what we can achieve when we have less time?   I’m sat here, listening to Don Mclean, ‘Starry, starry night’ and feel quite chilled.
On the menu we have:
A selection of Chinese Dim Sum and Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Dip
A French appliance that is placed in the middle of the table and each diner has a little metal tray in which cheese is put and then popped into the Raclette, the cheese melts and it is served with Baked Potatoes and a variety of Cold Meats, we’re having two types of ham, turkey breast, sausisson, loin of pork, Parma ham, and pastrami.
My Husband’s ever so slightly Boozy Raspberry Tiramisu
All washed down with lashings of Red wine.

I wonder what time I’ll wake up tomorrow???????

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