Am I really so bad?

I wrote this poem for a friend’s son who used to come and visit when I first got Charlie.

Charlie Boy

Am I really so bad?


People walk past me and say, ‘Oh Sweet’
They stroke me and tell me I’m good enough to eat
They ask me to sit and they pat my head
And ask me to go and lie in my bed
They ask if I like cats and if I chase cars
And look at me through the cold steel bars
Then they go and I feel so sad
What had I done to be so bad?

           Then came a couple, they looked quite nice
They walked passed once and walked past twice
‘Come little puppy,’ the kennel maid said
And popped the lead on over my head
I went to the meeting room and the couple were there
The man was dark and the lady had grey hair
They played with me and gave me treats
Biscuits, bones and doggie sweets
Then they went and I felt so sad
What had I done to be so bad?

My heart broken and I couldn’t sleep
Am I not a dog that people want to keep?
My tail is too curly and I have a funny ear
‘I love you little puppy’ is all I want to hear
If I found a home I would be so happy
And I am well trained and not at all yappy
But I am so sad
What had I done to be so bad?

The next day I woke here for another day
When along came that lady and took me to play
She took me on a journey in a strange car
Along a motorway but it wasn’t too far
I entered a house with a new bowl and bone
They cooed and they patted and said this is your home
I no longer feel sad
So maybe – just maybe I‘m not so bad!

                            I slept and I slept and I dreamt of this day
When I would feel safe in every way
Sometimes I worry my old masters will come
And take me away from my new human Mum
And beat me and hit me just like before
But these people say it’s against the law
So, little by little I feel I have found
One of the very best homes in town
I no longer feel sad
So maybe – just maybe I‘m not so bad!

I go on walks every day
And listen to every word that they say
They feed me and love me and take me to the vets
But one thing I love which is really the best
There are people, who come and sometimes bring me a toy
But the best bit of all is their little boy
When he is here I don’t feel sad
He makes me feel that I’m not so bad!

He makes me happy and plays with me
I run and play and he jumps with glee
He throws me a ball and for me to catch
And he is so quick, I have met my match
Sometimes I scare him when I bark
But I love it when we’re having a lark
I get so excited when he comes to say Hi
And I worry when it is time to say Goodbye
When he leaves I feel sad
But at least I know that I’m not so bad!

I’m a lucky dog with lots of toys
And a friend of Kaveh, the best of all boys
I have a new home and am as happy as can be
People come and say I am handsome you see
With this home and these people and this little lad
A better time could not be had
As I know I will never, never, never feel sad
Cos I know that I was never, ever, ever so bad!


Charlie and Kaveh

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