DAY 7 (Lost Dogs and Good People)

I love life, when you wake every morning, you never know what the day will bring…sometimes good and sometimes bad but always unexpected.

Whilst walking this morning, we bumped into a lady who had a rather big, goofy-looking dog on a lead, she explained that she had found the dog but it was time for her to go to work,  so we took the dog and said that we would walk around the woods with it, as surely it’s owner would be frantic with worry.


We walked for an hour, with our new friend called Lucy, we found from the information tag on her collar, we rang the number twice but got no answer just voicemail – so we left messages.

Every now and then Lucy’s ears would prick up and would strain on the lead to go in  a certain direction and being well-behaved humans we followed and allowed her to take us….she was so wrong, she had no idea where she was going!!  Every one we bumped into received the same greeting;  ‘Have you come across someone who’s lost their dog?  No, well if you do – could you please let them know that we have her’  Eventually, we received a call, someone had found the missing owner, in a car park on the opposite side of the wood, of course.  So off we went and there coming towards us was Mum and Dad, we let Lucy off the lead and she tore off to her owners.  They were delighted – the couple and Lucy! The lady’s first comment was  ‘Oh my heart!!!’  She was so pleased to see the dog and the dog was running back and fore between the man and the lady and twisting in between their legs like a big fool!!


We found out that in fact this couple were carers of Lucy, as the owner was in America, they were understandably sick with worry.  It transpired that Lucy had gone wandering off and had been up at the woods for a good 2½ hours in all.  We could tell that this couple adored this dog, almost as if it was their own, there was a bond that was tangible.  It was all very moving.

This afternoon I received a phone call from Austin, Texas, the owner ringing me to say thank you for returning Lucy.

What an incredible gift dogs have of bringing out the very best in people.

1 The lady who found the dog in the first place

2 My friend and I who walked all over the woods with her

3 All the many people who we bumped into who showed genuine concern

4 The carers who were just so relieved to find Lucy

5 The owner who called long distance to a complete stranger to say Thanks and Merry Christmas!

So all in all, Lucy brought out the compassion, caring and kindheartedness of approximately 15 people this morning.


What an acheivement….I don’t think I could do that in the space of 2 hours!!!


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