DAY 8 (Crackers!!)

I sat til past midnight with a friend making Crackers, my husband has a restaurant and we thought it would be a nice gesture to offer a small gift to our customers on Christmas Day, to thank them for their continued support during these difficult times.
I started out feeling kind and generous but by the 50th and we did 57 I was feeling a little jaded and frustrated – you see I’m not a delicate little flower with elegant fingers, more a bit of a lump with sausage fingers which are not helpful when trying to tie and curl ribbon late at night…..but the jobs done and I feel very satisfied.  Many thanks to D for sitting up with me….her patience and encouragement was welcome.
The doorbell rang earlier and there in the dark and the rain stood a neighbour soaked to the skin, who thrust this bouquet at me and shouted “Happy Christmas” and then disappeared back into the darkness!!  I’m sure it is the very last thing he wanted to do this evening but so lovely, it cheered me up! I hope my crackers have the same effect on our customers. Maybe just a small gesture but like the old saying goes,
“It’s the thought that counts!”

Let me know what you think...

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