DAY 17 (New Year, feeling fragile!)

Well firstly, Happy New Year to all….

I’m so pleased that things are getting back to normal, even though I’ve had the best Christmas and New Year for a long time….I wasn’t ill…and that makes a change.  As a result we have dined in, dined out and eaten like a couple of little piggies…I am already suffering the consequences….The diet starts tomorrow…NO…Honestly it does!!

I ate and drank a little too much last night, so am not up to any deep ramblings today.

It is pouring down with rain so I took a couple of photos and tried stitching them together with a recording of the rain falling at my back door….I’ve no idea if this works….

Little Rain Movie

If this doesn’t work here is a photo that I took to contribute to the

Richard Radstone Collaboration Challenge….

Richard Radstone Collaboration Challenge


2 thoughts on “DAY 17 (New Year, feeling fragile!)

    • You inspired me to do the movie, very rough, just wanted to see if I could get the audio with the pics!! Loved the sound of the rain. You should do the Challenge…he needs more xx

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