DAY 19 (Oh to be in England!)

Oh my goodness, I have some followers!! How exciting but now I’m feeling the pressure…up til now I’d just been ranting on about various bits and bobs and now I ‘know’ someone else is reading this….eek!!

….they say the English always only talk about the weather.

Well, let me explain why?  Yesterday, I woke to glorious, blue skies with white fluffy clouds, towards the afternoon it started raining a little then all hell broke loose.  I was woken up at least 7 times during the night, the wind was howling, the windows were rattling in their casings, the rain was lashing against the windows.  It’s at times like these that I wished I lived in a ‘new build’, instead of our 1901 red brick cottage, I thought it was coming down at one stage!!  I suppose if it’s survived the last 100 odd years it’ll weather the storm!!  However, my garden didn’t fare quite so well!  I came down this morning and my lovely arch of Honeysuckle had been uprooted and is now horizontal!! (just look how twisted the arch is)

Oh Dear!!

This is what it should look like!!!

Typical Before and After Pictures

The felt roof started coming off the top of the shed and hubby had to go out with hammer and nails to secure it! And as you can see my fence at the top of the garden didn’t do well either.  I’m glad the old oak tree is still standing!!! Just seeing what this one night has done really makes me feel for all the poor souls who have really suffered at the hands of nature.  After all, we can fix this and no-one is hurt.

More work for Hubby!!!

We went for a trip in the car and the local gently flowing river is really starting to burst at the seams. I took a quick snap through the window but you can see it’s really… Yuk….

River creeping on to the Road

You see that’s why we always talk about the weather, maybe it’s because we’re an island but we never know what it’s going to throw at us.  My wardrobe always has both summer and winter clothes in it! I would never tempt fate and put my rain gear up in the loft.  (Even during the summer months!)

So, the next time you hear a Brit going on about the weather, please listen, nod sympathetically and let them have their moan!


I wonder what tomorrow will bring….I’ll keep you posted!!


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