DAY 21 (Capricorns – So many of you!)

Well that’s it.  Christmas is over and now it’s time for Birthdays!!  I’m surrounded by Capricorns….I’m an Aquarian, so I kindly give at least a month to friends and family to get over Christmas and New Year before they have to start thinking of buying more cards and prezzies.

But not Capricorns they’re there, they’re ready, they’re nearly another year older!  What on earth happens in the month of May that means there are so many babies conceived? I wonder if it’s all the Bank Holidays!

I’m not sure whether Aquarians are supposed to be compatible with Capricorns but I’m married to one and most of my friends are Capricorns, so there has to be something there.

I went out yesterday and bought 8 Birthday cards for January and I didn’t even get one for hubby and this morning I’ve just remembered another one that I need to get!!!  For goodness sake, it’s an expensive business, at £2 a pop for a card and then the postage and then the prezzies, oh dear I sound very Bah Humbug but it’s bad enough trying to think of what people want at Xmas and now I have to start all over again!! Not to mention my ever depleting Bank Account.

A few years ago I started making my own cards but what a fiasco that turned out to be…have you any idea how much mess it makes?  I had cards, envelopes, glue, sticky bits, stars, glitter and all manner of tiny (really tiny) things all over the dining room table, then there’s the guillotine, the embosser, the light box, the heat sealer, the scissors, ruler, craft knife and board etc. “Imagine all the money I’ll save!” I would enthuse to my hubby…. he just raised his eyebrows, he knows me, he knows it won’t last!! Well he was right, it was a disaster.  I think I was pleased with about three cards that I made, I lost interest,  the house was a constant mess….yet another hobby I never completed….it’s all in a box under the stairs now.  I could’ve bought cards for two years with the amount I spent acquiring all the gubbins…

But I wouldn’t nor couldn’t NOT send a card, as I really feel for all those Capricorns who have to celebrate their birthdays in the shadow of all the festivities, some while the decorations are still up.

They say Capricorns are great thinkers….they watch, they observe and digest!!  They are the mountain goat – they climb to the top alone…well all I can say is if my hubby is climbing to the top, he’d better take me with him!  A man of few words but very wise ones when uttered and incredibly patient with me and all my ramblings!! I don’t think I’m the easiest of people to live with, I have too much energy, talk too much, am loud, am flighty and indecisive – if I didn’t have my solid companion I think I would definitely need professional help!  He keeps me grounded.  Thank goodness.

Today he took me out in the car so that I could take a couple of photos for this blog….I was bored with photos around the home and garden and he kindly drove me around, dropping me off here and there and turning the car around while I teetered on a bridge and duckied down under railings taking photos with my iPhone.  How many men would do that? I’m sure he could think of things he’d rather be doing.

So I would like to celebrate all Capricorns, thank you for being so sensible and putting up with me the mad Aquarian.  I wish you all a very Happy Birthday!

Anyway the sun was out, the wind was up, it’s still a little wild out there but very pleasant. Oh and here are the snaps I took today…..


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