DAY 24 (Knowing when to give up)

Why don't birds come to my garden?

For any of you have read why I started this blog you’ll know it’s because I want to see whether I can stick at something. I’m notorious for starting something with enthusiasm and then it all peters out like a damp firework!

But this is what I found in my garden this morning! What is going on?  The birds are meant to be hungry, it’s winter, they need all the help they can get, so we’re told. The birds in my area go to both my neighbours, on either side, who I hasten to add, both have cats!!

I, on the other hand, buy an expensive brand of birdfood and nothing, zilch, zero, nada!  Ah! but you know what I do get? Ruddy great big fat pigeons, magpies and squirrels!!  I want the pretty, delicate, sweet, colourful, little birds; the tits, the wrens, the robins and the chaffinches. Damn it, I’d be happy with a sparrow but apparently they are actually disappearing fast, so my chances of getting some of those in my garden is next to impossible! Maybe it’s because I’m always lurking with my camera and they’re shy – who knows but I’ve tried to coax them into my garden for 11 years but I’m seriously thinking of knocking this on the head!

I like trying out new things, I’ve previously told you of my attempt at making greetings cards, which was a disaster. This isn’t the first unsuccessful endeavour in my life, believe me!

There was Keep Fit back in the late 80’s, sorry, I believe they liked to call it “Aerobics”, there I was, kitted out in the leotard, the leggings, the leg warmers and the wristbands (one photo I will not be posting!) Every Wednesday night, off I would go, down to the local sports centre, and up 1,2,3 and down 1,2,3, and bend 1,2,3 and stretch 1,2,3 etc. You get the picture? Even today, when I  hear  Fleetwood Mac ‘Circles in the Sand’,  I feel the burn of lactic acid in my thighs.  The ironic thing is that as soon as I stopped going to “Aerobics” every thing dropped southwards, my body had been perfectly fine before I started! And so I discovered gravity!

Then I embarked on learning Italian, that was fab and lasted about 5 weeks!

Directions: tick,
Colours: tick,
then it started boring me as I wasn’t planning on going to Italy any time soon and all I really needed was Cappuccino, Panini and Pizza and surely they are now English words anyway!!

Then there was Art, I have three siblings who are extremely gifted, one can paint so beautifully, she can copy a Monet, a Degas or a Rembrandt with such ease that she can’t understand why everyone can’t do it.

Another sister can sew so perfectly, give her a piece of fabric and she will run up a beautiful dress or other garment without thinking.  “I’ll just make some curtains for that window”, “I think I’ll make some cushions to go with that bedspread”, ” Oh I saw a lovely dress in a magazine the other day, I think I’ll make one in Green” etc. Oh and by the way their gardens are full of birds!!

Then there’s my brother,  who can turn a tree trunk into a fitted kitchen, you think I’m joking don’t you…well it’s true… I’ve seen it!!

My mother could cook, sew, crochet, embroider, paint, sketch, patchwork, you name it, she could do it!

And this was the best one!

So surely I must have the creative gene…..yes I’ll paint too…my husband bought me, the watercolours, the acrylics, the pastels, the charcoal, the easel, the lot and what happened…I discovered I haven’t got the gene!

So there you have it,  so now I’m trying photography and ramblings!! I must admit, it’s been 24 days and I’m still loving it….so who knows maybe this is it….this is my creative side.

I had 86 views of my blog yesterday, I can’t tell you how excited I was! Chances are it was people who clicked on the wrong link but hey it made me happy and there’s always the chance that maybe they were interested in my blog!

So maybe I won’t give up just yet!


4 thoughts on “DAY 24 (Knowing when to give up)

    • I will definately give it a look at – as you say, we have to keep searching. Funnily I blogged about that subject today!!! Pop by and have a read if you’ve got a couple of minutes. All the best with your stitching, it’s lovely and very clever!!

    • Hi thanks for your visit, reblog and follow. I’m hoping I will get the hang of it all. I really must sit and read your blog. Given the festive period and the amount I ate – I shall read it with interest. Thanks again.

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