DAY 26 (Black and White Dogs)

Well I’ve had a lovely, satisfying day!

Last night I decided to take this photography idea more seriously and planned to go out today in Black and White mode!! Hubby was brilliant and came along to support me. First, we went off to the woods to walk the dog and I caught some lovely snaps of the dogs…..

Blackest eyes!

Who me?

Is that a squirrel?

…also some of the trees, I love the way they look scarred and wounded.


Hanging on!

I spy with my little eye

Then into town, we just ambled around until I saw things that I liked.  Can you believe it more dogs?

Little dog waiting for owner to buy fruit at the market..looks so fed up!

This one tied up outside the bank!

I think the recession has hit...where is everybody?

So there you are, that’s it for today! I might post some more older photos later.
I’m so pleased with the way these turned out…..what mode tomorrow???? I wonder.


12 thoughts on “DAY 26 (Black and White Dogs)

  1. I wandered over from a comment you made on another blog (Dave Farmer’s story) and wanted to say I like your photos. I particularly like the last one, the street shot “recession hit” and was wondering if I could have your permission to use it for a writing challenge I host on Sundays? I provide photos for writers to be inspired and write something based on the photo. I think that last photo ‘tells a story’ and could make a great prompt. I try to get permission whenever possible and, if you say yes, I would be sure to provide a link back to your blog and give you full credit.

    • Well thank you, what a compliment, of course you can use the photo…I am very flattered. It will be interesting to see what writers come up with!
      All the best and again
      Many thanks

  2. Thank you! I see in the copyright info it says “Michelle O”, please let me know if you prefer full name or just “Michelle O” as it says in the copyright (and forgive me if the full name is just “O” :-))

  3. What wonderful photos! The dogs are beautiful and their faces are so expressive! Still, my favorite has to be the tree with the exposed roots; it looks like it’s trying to run away!

    Happy snapping! 🙂

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