DAY 28 (Champagne and more about me)

Happy Birthday Hubby!

We celebrated Hubby’s birthday today with a boozy lunch, how very civilized. Took my camera with me though, just in case.  I really am taking this very seriously aren’t I?

Ooh Bubbles!


1 -It really irritates me when I can’t unscrew a Marmite® top.
2-I adore Dark chocolate (70%) and white bread sandwiches.
3-I sometimes talk sooooo much that I’ve can’t remember what I said.
4-I live on a diet of Ciggies, Black Coffee and Extra Stong Mints.
5-I have white/grey hair and am proud of it.
6-I hate towels that haven’t been folded neatly.
7-I like letting the ironing build up so I can have an ironing marathon.
8-Hate – Dust.
9- Dislike people who don’t smile.
10-Really get annoyed by coffee mug rings on the coffee table.

– and today’s photos –

Empty Shells

The "Lesser Spotted Smoker"

The far more common "Phone Caller"


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