DAY 31 (Sleeping well at 50)

A rare thing happened last night, after I turned of my bedside light, my body just fell into a comfortable position. It was, as I imagine, how being in a cocoon must be, I lay, just lay, it was wonderful.  At one stage I could no longer feel my body and had to twitch my toe to work out where my foot was….I drifted off to sleep within minutes.
It doesn’t happen very often, normally one of my arms appears to have grown in length and is too long and I have slide it under my husband’s pillow, my elbow is pointier than normal and is digging in my ribs, my heels feel heavy and create holes in the mattress, even the cartilage in my ears feels really hard and awkward on the pillow, I just cannot get comfortable!

So I think “Oh I’ll drop off, it’ll be fine” and then a strand of hair falls across my face and is tickling my nose. “Try again”, now I’ve got an itch on my calf, “Right, this time I’m really going to drop off”….oh no that’s when the leg cramps and running leg syndrome kick in and I have to get out of bed to stretch against the wall in the dark, carefully trying not to trip over my bottle of water which I placed so carefully next to the bed so I could find it easily in the middle of the night. Steer my way through the minefield of slippers and dressing gown that have been unceremoniously cast aside, all whilst desperately trying not to whimper with the shooting pains for fear of waking hubby.

Last night, none of these problems, I dropped off immediately and I woke feeling refreshed, peered across to the alarm clock on hubby’s bedside table, squinting through one eye trying to focus (I didn’t want to wake him up by fumbling for my glasses!) WHAT?? It can’t be, I had been asleep for 45 minutes!! It was now only ¼ to 2 in the morning! So I tossed and turned, my mind buzzing, thinking about how my day had been, what I would do tomorrow, I just couldn’t settle.  Eventually, I gave in to wakefulness and edged out of bed, grabbed my slippers, glasses and dressing gown and made my way downstairs, carefully tippy toeing on the left hand side of the stairs for the first 4 treads and then on the right hand side for the remainder (I know where all the creaks are!).

Then into the usual routine, step over the dog, into the study, turn on computer, through to kitchen, kettle on, prepare coffee, back to computer, check emails, check blog and play the odd game of Spider Solitaire and smoke endless cigarettes until I feel my eyelids growing heavy and the sky is just getting light before going back up to bed. I get into bed, “ahhhh lovely”. Then due to my age, duvet on, duvet off, leg over duvet, both legs under duvet, turn the pillow to get the cold side, have a drink of water and eventually I fall asleep…every night is the same! I’m sure there will be more than a handful of you shreiking “Coffee and Cigarettes?” No wonder the woman can’t sleep! I’ve tried without and it’s even worse, so sorry there it is, I admit I’m addicted to both and can’t kick them!! (and don’t think I want to, I enjoy them too much!)

When I surface in the morning, my hair is standing on end, like Fido Dido, my eyes are puffy, I have the traces of the lovely “nid d’abeille” design from the duvet on my cheek and I’m not feeling refreshed and perky at all.

I wash my face with very, very cold water, gaze at the wretched, old hag that’s looking back at me from the mirror, she soon disappears as I attack the make up box with gumption (notice I say box and not bag – and it’s a big box!!)…..cream for the skin, potions for around the eyes, foundation for the whole area,  black in the eyes, pink on the cheeks.  By the time I’ve finished, I’m me again, and I’m quick at it, I’ve been doing this for such a long time,  I can actually do it with my eyes closed, well they’re half closed anyway. sounds scary doesn’t it? Believe me it is, but hey what can you do, it’s my lot and I have to live with it!!!

Then a hat to cover the hair, when I leave the house and the first person I meet says ‘Good Morning’ I raise a smile and answer ‘Good morning’ back, they are none the wiser, they have no idea that while they were sleeping soundly, I greeted the morning when it arrived!

I haven’t taken any photos yet, so I will be posting some later.

Wishing you all a good day!

2 thoughts on “DAY 31 (Sleeping well at 50)

  1. I was laughing and ruminating and feeling empathy for you throughout this piece. I’ve never been a very good sleeper, and even less so now, after my 50th birthday. I don’t go the coffee and cigarettes route, but have been known to be found with a tub of ice cream and a tablespoon, hunkered over the kitchen counter, slurping up bites of Birthday Surprise of Pecan Praline in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve often wondered why it seems that I can’t peacefully fall into a deep sleep until nearly 4 a.m., and if given the opportunity, can often sleep like a rock between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., (when we are normally affixing that box of make-up to our faces and then shimmying out the door to our place of work). I don’t recall the inability to sleep properly as an imposition or inconvenience so much when I was younger, but now, in my fifties, it is like a quiet and subtle reminder that there is no rest for the weary. Thanks for writing this piece about restful sleep. I loved the descriptions and the mental imagery sprinkled throughout.

    • Oh thank you …that’s so kind of’s true though isn’t it? I’m going to be 51 soon so watch this space and I’ll let you know if there are more nightmares ahead that no one told us about!!! I had a very quick look at your blog and I shall follow you…I’m so glad I made you laugh….good for the soul you know. Take care and thank you again for your kind comments:) PS My mum always used to say “no peace for the wicked”!! Now is there a clue there???

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