DAY 32 (Cold evening walk)

I decided to go for an evening walk with the dog, it’s really cold out there but the sun was just going down and I wanted to use it in some way.  I didn’t want to photograph it so I decided to use it to create silhouettes.  I went down to the park and the local lads were skateboarding and I took these.

Ready to jump


and up!

and then I saw this which I think is just so cute….the camera is making me so much more aware of what’s around me….ie: above eye level!

The Mole

Off into space

and then the following two I couldn’t believe it!! More remnants of Christmas…we are now the 16th January….do you think they forgot they had put up a Christmas Tree?

More remnants of Xmas

And then to my utter amazement I saw this….yes….a daffodil, half way through January….maybe Spring is on it’s way!!!

January Daff


2 thoughts on “DAY 32 (Cold evening walk)

    • I felt a little intimidate by the ‘Big Boys’ but as soon as I asked if I could take their photo they were so lovely and kept calling “Did you get that?” I promised I would go down and photograph them again!!

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