DAY 34 (an alternative day on the golf course)

Morning journey

I’ve spent the last hour sat in front of a roaring fire with my bodywarmer and woolly hat on, desperately trying to warm my bones.
A couple of weeks ago a friend told me she was opening a Halfway House (for our friends in the US and other countries that is an establishment for the sale of refreshments not for the homeless!! thanks to for pointing that one out to me!!) on a golf course in a town about 10 miles away from my home.
“Do you think you would be able to give me a hand?” she asked one night after I’d had two or maybe more glasses of wine.
“Yes, of course” was my slurred answer….and no sooner had those words slipped over my tongue and floated into the air, a voice deep at the back of my head was screaming, “Shut up, woman, what are you saying? Why are you saying yes when you want to say no?”
So this morning, true to my word I got up at 6:30am, oh horror of horrors, did you lot know it was still dark at that time in the morning?  I forced the dog to eat his breakfast with his eyes still shut and then dragged him out on a walk…poor little chap, he was not amused. Like me he doesn’t ‘do’ mornings!!

I think we were both taken aback by just how busy the world is at 7am! It was cold,wet and miserable,we got back and the dog slinked off back to his warm basket by the radiator. I made my way upstairs wanting to return to my bed, instead went and put my ‘face’ on! I received a text from my friend, “wrap up warm, it’s cold outside” You don’t say, I knew that, I’d already walked the dog.  My mood was getting greyer by the minute!

Early morning mist

I put on a thermal vest, a polo neck, a tee-shirt, a jumper, and a fleece for good measure.  Then my down-filled body warmer and a coat, oh and of course hat, scarf and gloves.  I left the house looking like a cross between some poor little toddler wrapped up for a sledging trip and a penguin…I couldn’t bend my arms!!

Fortunately, I arrived at the golf course in good time but can someone please explain why most people drive like fools when it’s wet? Oh my mood wasn’t improving! A member of staff drove me in a golf buggy up to the hut located between the 7th green and 8th Tee, the seat was plastic, wet and freezing, as the rain hit me in the face, the wet seat was becoming dryer thanks to my trousers being ultra absorbent!! I was getting colder and colder and was thinking….”What am I doing? I could be in bed now!”

The Hut

What can I say about the hut, well, it’s a hut, a shed, a shell! No heating, a sink, a table, a counter and a cooker, the oven doesnt’ work but the four gas rings do. The windows were covered in moisture from the damp. When I arrived there was

All modcons

a gas engineer fitting a new urn, so our first job was to fill a kettle and transfer the boiling water into flasks! Clear the windows and put chairs out for the customers.

Almost immediately the intercom buzzed,
“Go ahead” said Mandy
“Can we have…1 Sausage and Bacon on Brown, 2 Bacon on White and 1 Egg on White, 2 Teas and 2 Coffees please?”
Mandy pressed the button on the side of the intercom and repeated the order into the mouthpiece….we prepared the order in utter chaos..and it was ready just as the gentlemen golfers came off the 7th putting green….phew! They were very impressed and above all very grateful of some hot food and hot drinks, they went down a treat! With their hunger sated, their thirst quenched and some warmth in their bellies they took off to the next tee with big smiles and waves…

Hungry customers

This hut had sat empty for so long, now it was open the members were delighted to have this additional service.
Mandy and I cooked up sausages, bacon, onions and eggs all day and once the urn was up and running had plenty of boiling water for the many brews and washing up….however it never warmed up. In between customers we went

The New Urn

outside and jumped up and down in a vain attempt to warm ourselves.  I could no longer feel my toes or my nose, my knuckles were purple and I had goosebumps all up and down my back, legs and arms!

Aha a customer!

Eventually the trickle of customers came to a halt and we decided to call it a day. We cleaned the hut, did the washing up, wiped down the surfaces, swept and mopped the floors, loaded up ice boxes and went back to our cars.
In the car park the last of the golfers were loading up their cars with clubs, trolleys etc they chatted and told us how much they’d enjoyed their lunch.
As I said my goodbyes to Mandy,I found myself saying “Same time next Wednesday then?” and this time there was no screaming voice in the back of my head!!
However, if the weather is anything like today, I will be wearing a lot more clothes!!

2 thoughts on “DAY 34 (an alternative day on the golf course)

  1. I have to say, this confused me at first since “Halfway House” in the US would be more like a home for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. I couldn’t imagine the golf course patrons being very happy about one anywhere near their greens, ha! Then as I continued reading, I was imagining homeless men/women lined up on the putting greens, buzzing for a meal.

    Happy it all worked out, that you warmed up, and that it turned pleasant enough for you to happily do it another day.

    • Oh that made me laugh, having said that I was wereing such a mish mash of clothing I probably looked like a homeless person!! And wouldn’t it be wonderful to see that?? Ha Ha! Thanks for reading..more photos today I hope. Oh and thanks for using my photo on your site, I hope it inspires the ‘writers’!

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