Not so much writers’ block!

I’ve not re-blogged before so am not sure whether this is the way to do it….I hope it works!

I was asked by if she could use one of my photos as a visual prompt for writers to compose a short story or poem..these are two entries that I found on her blog.  I am so pleased to think that my photo has inspired someone to write.  I am totally amazed by the talent that these guys have. You really should pop on over to their blogs and have a read…it’s amazing stuff.


Thanks to indigospider.

4 thoughts on “Not so much writers’ block!

  1. So kind of you to reblog! Only two small corrections — my site is, I recently moved to my own domain so that is the old address (it is being forwarded so no worries). Second, I am a she 🙂

    • Oh I’ve just laughed out loud…why on earth did I think you were male??? Probably the spider bit…I do apologise, please don’t take offence, none was intended. I will rectify the site address!! Oh I’m sorry I’m still laughing…I’m such a numskull!!

      • No offense taken at all, happens all the time. I figure it is the spider, the dark background, some reason it send a ‘male’ vibe. Maybe I should switch to a pink spider or put a pink tutu on this one ha!

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