DAY 35

The photo above was part of a shop window display…udderly ridiculous!!! N’est ce pas?

It’s been the most miserable day…it poured this morning and so when I went for my walk I was fully kitted out head to toe in waterproofs.  Even though I was protected, my dog hates the rain, so I end up carrying a huge golfing umbrella and he walks very close to me so that he can shelter under my brolly!!  Honestly it’s like walking with the queen!! I’m holding out the brolly over the dog so he doesn’t get wet! Can you tell that I’m a true dog lover?

We went into town once the weather had settled down a bit and it seemed fitting that I took Black and White photos as there wasn’t a great deal of colour to be seen!  Even the red of the buses and the phone boxes were dismal!

But at least the following photos made me smile!!

I thought you might like to see how we call someone from a phone box in the UK!!!


The Domino Effect

Call the Police

and here are just a couple of shots around town that took my eye!

Going nowhere fast, I love that it says WAIT on the pedestrian sign in the foreground!!

Black and White Windows

Spot the pigeon

When I got home decided I needed a little bit of colour!!!  As I was sorting, I found these so cheerful that took a couple of snaps to bring some colour your way, here are some of my favourite bits and bobs!




And some very special gems!


I’m sure a lot of you live in warm and sunny climes and are constantly seeing blue skies and sunshine….I’ve had enough of winter now!  I have noticed that there are some shoots coming up in the garden and it gives me hope that spring isn’t too far away. The photos will so much more cheerful come March, I hope!


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