DAY 36 (Sadness)

Well today started off very much like any other day but now I am feeling decidedly low.  I received a text this afternoon from a very good friend saying that her dog had died.  He was a wonderful old boy, a gentleman in the doggy world.  He had a tumour and just last week my friend was told that he would not live more than 2 months, so she had a week to come to terms with that news and now he’s gone.

Of course, I’m sad that he’s gone, sad that I won’t get a lovely welcome from him in the mornings but I’m more sad for my friend. She adored her dog and he has been her constant companion for 12 years. He was the reason that we made friends and there are so many other friends that she met through walking the dog.

For anyone who doesn’t have a dog or doesn’t have contact with dogs, it’s a difficult thing to explain. They are the most amazing companions….they never judge, they love you no matter who you are, what you say, regardless of the worldly goods that you possess…and they are great listeners and they never divulge your secrets….so if you say ~”Don’t tell anyone!” you can be sure that no one will hear it from the dog!!!

Well there you go, life goes on.  My friend will never forget Bobby and nor will we, her friends.



6 thoughts on “DAY 36 (Sadness)

  1. It IS so difficult for those that don’t understand isn’t it. And I always feel sad when I hear of a friends dog who died. Our lady labrador is getting on a fair bit now, she had Kidney failure last year, but bounced right back – however we’re expecting her to trundle off one day bless her. They really are like family 🙂

  2. It is so sad because they ARE part of the family. So sorry for your friend and for you but at least Bobby had a happy home to grace with his love while he was here.

    • Oh that’s so true. I’ve had one dog pass on at the age of 13 and my present one is nearly 11 (although I’m sure he’ll outlive me!) That’s what dogs do, they bring people closer together and share.Thanks so much for your kind words.

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