DAY 38 (A totally selfish day)

Can somebody help me?  I think I’m going mad! (or should I say madder)?

This blogging malarkey is all well and good but boy do I get in a mess what with all the  ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘reblogs’ I don’t know what I’m up to. When I want to visit someone else’s blog sometimes it goes there and sometimes I just get the Gravatar profile, what’s going on?

Am I completely stupid or old …. or both?

Not to mention the emails, new posts, likes, follows, comments I don’t know if I’m coming or going! By the time I’ve done this that and the other I have about 22 tabs open!!!

Ah well!  As promised today is a lovely simple ‘photo’ day. I’ve had a great time doing exactly what I want to do…it’s been fab, just walking the dog, and going out and about with my camera, you’d think I’d have more to show for it given the hours I was playing around.  However, I hope you enjoy my snaps as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I went to the local cemetery, I hope that isn’t too macabre for you!!

Sit a While and Remember Me

 Lost Angel

Little Wooden Cross

Have you forgotten me?


Stone Angel

Of course my post wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory ‘Dog’ photo…this doesn’t look much but believe me this dog is such a fidget even with his young owner strangling, it wasn’t easy to catch!!

Toffee Dog

16 thoughts on “DAY 38 (A totally selfish day)

  1. I understand what you say about the gravatars – can be upsetting when their comment has sparked your curiosity.
    Like the pic of the virgin Mary – must be my Catholic upbringing showing itself 🙂

  2. It was only recently that I figured out that I could add a link to my blog on my “gravatar profile”. I didn’t even know I had a gravatar profile until someone asked me why I didn’t include a link to my blog. I imagine lots of folks are the same way – they don’t realize that gravatar automatically generates a profile for them, and you can have as little or as much information on your profile as you choose. Now if I could only figure out why my gravatar keeps showing up as a blue smiley face instead of the yellow and orange tiger lily photo that I’ve loaded to my profile? Oh well, slowly but surely I’m finding my way around!

    I can certainly sympathize about the “too many windows open” dilemma. By the time I get through all those windows, I’ve forgotten what i sat down to do in the first place!

    p.s. How did you get the Stop Censorship banner to show up on your web page? I keep trying to figure out how to add it to my page, but since I know NOTHING about programming or building a web page, I keep hitting nothing but dead ends. If you could point me to a html link that would help, sure would appreciate it!

    • p.s. If someone has NOT added a link to their blog page on their “gravatar profile page”, then you’ll automatically be directed to their gravatar profile page instead of to their blog. Sometimes, when you get there, they will have a link you can click to get to their blog, and sometimes not.

      Or, conversely, when they leave a comment on your blog, sometimes they will include a link, and sometimes not. If they prefer to leave a dead end, (or if they don’t realize they aren’t providing a link), then you will be unable to follow the bread crumb trail back to their blog. Frustrating, isn’t it?

      When I first started blogging, I made the mistake of clicking on the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” box every time I left a comment on someone’s blog. In other words, if I left a comment, I always wanted to know if they responded back to my comment. I didn’t want to be rude and not respond if they asked a question, but because I bounce all over the place, I knew I would never find my way back to their blog the next day, (or wouldn’t remember, etc), so I would click the “notify me” box. Which you have probably figured out by now means you will get an email any time ANYONE comments on the same blog entry, which means your IN BOX will fill up really quickly, especially if you do it on someone who was Freshly Pressed!

      Now I’ve learned to click the box so I’ll know if the person responds to me, and as soon as they respond, then I go to my “Manage Subscriptions” page on my blog and un-check that particular blog comment response box, so that I won’t keep getting emails every time someone else comments on their blog entry, (unless it happens to be one that I want to follow ALL the comments on because it’s a lively discussion, etc). It helps slow down SOME of the traffic in my IN BOX, but not much.

      Blogging is a kooky, crazy, busy world out there, and it can be hard to keep up with it, but slowly and surely I’m learning how to follow the folks I want to follow, and reserve some blogs for only an occasional visit. I still miss a few here and there, but we can’t help it that there are just too many interesting people out there every day!

      • Thank you so much for your help – I think I’m going to have to print it off and laminate it and keep it on the desk!!! Yes I made the mistake in clicking the box….oh boy did my email box fill up…I’ve never been so popular!! I’m sure I’ll get there eventually!!

    • Ok for the banner you need to go to ‘Settings’ then click on ‘SOPA/PIPA’ and you’ll find it there. I know exactly what you mean about forgetting what you started off doing….honestly I don’t know how old you are but I’m feeling jaded and ancient….!
      Oh and another thing, when I’m on the comment page it doesn’t tell me who it’s from I have to go into history!!
      Well that’s enough for now, I’m now feeling like a ‘grumpy old woman’!!

      • Yippee! I found the SOPA banner … thank you!

        I’m 53, and I’m pretty sure I qualify as a grumpy old woman about 99% of the time.

        On the comment thing … I don’t go there through comments, I go there by clicking on Manage Your Subscriptions at the bottom of the email that I get in my IN BOX when someone comments on something after I clicked the “notify me” box. Did that make sense? Anyway, I clicked the Manage Your Subscriptions by accident one time, and was shocked to realize how many different conversations I was following. No wonder my IN BOX was always stuffed with notifications! Now I make a point to clean it up about every other day. It took me a while to figure out that unchecking a conversation didn’t mean that I would no longer be following a blog … and that it only meant I would no longer be following THAT conversation. It’s a learning curve, that’s for sure. Thanks again for sharing the SOPA banner link.

      • You’re welcome, I think I’ve just put a link on my gravatar profile…I’m 51 so there you go…must be an age thing!
        I’ve now rec’d a comment and it’s in the spam box and it says….source article followed by a url to my latest post…do you know what that is by any chance…sorry to bother you…

      • I could be wrong about this one, but I think the “source article” email is directing you to someone that “quoted” your blog piece … in other words, they copied a portion of your blog post, and included a link back to your original post.

        I think the reason it shows up in your SPAM folder is because many email servers will automatically throw anything will multiple url links in the text into your SPAM folder (I use yahoo, and yahoo will do this).

        It’s hard to know which emails to open sometimes. You might try moving it from your SPAM folder to your IN BOX first so that you can hover over it to view the text before you open the email (if you have the hover feature enabled on your email). The way mine is set up, if it is in my SPAM folder I can’t hover over the text, but if it is in my IN BOX, I can hover over the text and get a preview of what is in the email before I open it. This doesn’t ALWAYS allow me to identify bad emails, but it helps.

      • Dangit …. this is the THIRD time I’ve tried to remember to tell you, that, BTW … I really like the photo of the Virgin Mary with the lichen growing on the old and battered stone … really, really pretty. Nice photo.

  3. Ignore the gravatar and just click on the name, it takes you right to the blog. So, for example, there is my little blue spider and next to it “Indigo Spider”, just click Indigo Spider and *poof* you are magically on my blog. See, simple!

    Works for anyone unless they have a gravatar and no blog, rare, but it does happen. Gravatar is more of a calling card, I suppose, in the sense that if you hover your mouse over the gravatar, it pops up a little larger and includes a little blurb about the person (if they filled out a bio with gravatar). I just find it easier to click the name, see what their blog is about and find out about them that way.

    I also don’t find cemeteries macabre, but, maybe I’m weird like that. I love to visit the old cemeteries around here in New England. Great photos as usual 🙂

      • if someone leaves a comment, and their name shows up in blue, then that means their name is an automatic hyperlink to their blog. Just click on their name, and it will take you to their blog. There is also a gravatar icon next to their name, but clicking on the gravatar takes you to their gravatar profile, not to their blog I don’t know if the gravatar profile is WordPress specific (only people that blog with WordPress have gravatar profiles). Not sure about that one. Like I said earlier, I didn’t even know I had a gravatar profile until someone asked me why it didn’t include a link to my blog.

        However, if they leave a comment and their name shows up in black, (and not blue), then that means they didn’t include a link to their blog when they left the comment. Either they don’t have a blog, or they prefer to be known by their name only. When you leave a comment, you can choose how you want to comment, such as under your WordPress profile, Facebook profile, etc. Either they don’t keep a blog, or they just prefer to remain semi-anonymous, being known only by their name, but nothing else.

        if someone clicks the LIKE button, then their gravatar appears under the post bunched together with all the other gravatars of the people that clicked the LIKE button for that post. Hovering over the gravatar will bring up whatever short synopsis they have entered about themselves on their gravatar profile, and clicking on the gravatar will take you to their gravatar profile, where they may (or may not) have a link to their blog (or blogs). Sometimes you will find other photos, or email addresses, or other contact info, and sometimes not.

        Sorry, but anywhere there is mud around, I’m liable to be in it. Couldn’t help wondering if I could help clear up some of the mud. Hope it helped a little.

        Thanks again for helping me out earlier with the SOPA banner. Too bad it took me until today to find it since they will automatically be removed on Jan 24th, but better late than never, I suppose. Persistence, and asking for help, got the job done.

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