The Old Man

The Old Man

He wears his comfy cardy
And a shirt that doesn’t itch
His slippers are worn, another Christmas gift
His eyes are glazed
His thoughts are deep
He looks as though he’s about to weep
Little do you know what’s on his mind
His youth, his life, his work
His garden, his kids, such happy times
He remembers his lovely wife
With the sun shining on her hair
He thinks back to the times when she was there.
So many things this man has seen
So many things this man has done
And now he’s just another old one
Sat in a chair just waiting
For a visit, a letter or just simply the bell
It time for dinner, Stanley
Time to move …Ah well
They say he fought in the War
Sent off to France, to fight for us all
And now he is a shell that people ignore
He’s so lonely now, does no one care
Family lives are so busy with no time to spare
No time to stop, no time to talk.
When I’m gone they’ll be relieved
He thinks to himself
They won’t have to find the time to visit the silly old fool
He loves them so dearly but it’s no longer fun
The little ones make so much noise
and the teenagers just don’t want to come
They’ll make the effort for Christmas
Who’s having him this year?
He feels such a burden he knows they don’t really want him there
But he’ll go along, sit in his chair and stare
Remember all who read this
You too may be alone one day

© Takingsnaps


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