DAY 39 (My Oriental Soup Adventure)

I am a “Foodie”! I love eating, I will try most things as long as there isn’t any offal involved! I love Chinese, Indian and Thai and various other types of food and although I love food I’m no Cordon Bleu…thankfully Hubby is brilliant in the kitchen and is also a bit of a “Feeder”!  He doesn’t “do” empty plates….portion control?….never heard of it!

I’m no Domestic Goddess, OK I can rustle up a mean Sausage and Mashed Potato with Onion Gravy or Chips and Egg and if friends are coming over I can put in a little more effort and throw together a pretty good pasta dish. Oh and I’m a bit of a dab hand at Salad!! I own a potato ricer, a garlic press and I have a food processor, so you see I’m not totally inept but I hardly think anyone will be banging on my door asking me to write a cookery book anytime soon!

We recently discovered a wonderful Asian Supermarket. There was an array of the most incredible vegetables, things I’ve never seen before and wouldn’t know what to do with if I bought them! The fish counter alone was just amazing, it had all sorts, we bought some lovely sea bass and some mussels which were fantastic.  There was a whole section with crockery and kitchen ware, there were  bamboo steamers, woks the size of dustbin lids, it was a revelation. On seeing all of this I became curious, I wanted to try to cook something typically Asian.  But I needed a foolproof recipe so as to not discourage me. “I know,  I’ll buy some soup!!!”  Surely that will be easy enough, I mean what can possibly go wrong with soup? So I went to the soup section. Oh my, I’ve never seen so many, which to choose? So I went for this one, actually, it was one of the few packets that had instructions in English so I thought I could just about manage that.  If it was a success, what an addition that would make to my repertoire of recipes? This would really impress my friends!!

So last night I prepared myself for the big experiment, packet, saucepan of water and like all good chefs…!!!

Ok so here we go….enjoy!!!! (Click on the first photo for a slide show with captions)

I was so full of hope and I really don’t know what I did wrong…and if I’m quite honest with you…the dog wasn’t really interested, I had to hide a small biscuit in the bin so I could get the shot!!!

So please if anyone out there knows of this (World Famous) soup and can see where I went wrong please tell me!!  It was truly disgusting and even after nearly 2½ hours boiling away the beans were as tough as old boots…

I think I’ll just stick to what I know…tinned soup – ahh now you’re talking!!


17 thoughts on “DAY 39 (My Oriental Soup Adventure)

  1. You are much more adventurous than me, if I couldn’t read most of the package, I would be afraid to try making it! Plus,just the “diuretic soup” on the label would have me shy away.

    My cooking skills are probably on par with yours so the only thing I can think that went wrong was 1. the ingredients needed to be soaked overnight to rehydrate (I know dried beans usually need to be soaked overnight or they remain tough) 2. you did everything correctly and that is the way it is supposed to taste!

    • Oh you do make me laugh! Gawd knows what went wrong!! It was an utter disaster – it’s going to be Heinz from now on!!! What a waste of time…and I was starving!! I thought I was taking the healthy option. As for Anti Pyretyic and Diuretic you’re right I should’ve given it a wide berth!!

  2. What a bummer! All that rinsing and adventure to only come up with something unpalatable that even the dog wasn’t interested in slurping up … oh well, at least you tried something new, right? Better luck the next time around.

    Don’t know if it would have mattered one way or another, but my sister has a bad habit of buying stuff and letting it sit in her pantry FOREVER. I once tried to use a lentil based soup mix of hers … soaked it overnight, cooked it for hours and hours, ad it was still like little rocks were sprinkled throughout the soup. The dried ingredients looked divine; the cooked soup was a total disaster. Maybe the product sat on the shelf too long before it made it home to your kitchen pot? Who knows?

  3. Love love love your post. Funny description of your adventures into the unknown! Your pictures (and the captions) are perfectly descriptive; I felt as if I were there with you in the kitchen. How did you get the blue swirl effect around the ingredients? Photoshop?

  4. lolllllllll! My carrot and coriander soup turned into tomato and pureed carrot soup this lunchtime…let’s say I got a tad distracted with the ‘ole writing lark…

  5. Your adventure was a great story even if the results were inedible! I’ve always stuck to what I know, it’s safer that way — and usually very edible, in the end! Good luck with your cooking!

  6. You should start with a basic soup – like wonton soup – to get your feet wet. The next time I make it I will take pictures and write down the steps, then send you the link (I actually made it last night for Chinese new year 🙂 )

  7. OMG. I am literally laughing my bum off. I grew up in a multicultural household and even that soup would have been beyond my taste. Suggest you start with miso or udon.. and add more ingredients from those bases.

    BUT. Where is this supermarket?? I am still very unsatisfied with the selection I have found. I heard Super H just opened but that is in London 😦

    • Oh forget it, I’ve given up with the soup as I said if I get discouraged that’s it!! I’ll buy it in a tin next time!! The store is in Croyden but which part of the country are you in??

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