DAY 40 (Rain, Rain Go away!)

Well you can be sure that most of the Brits on WordPress will be blogging about the rain today! It has been abysmal but I don’t care because I had my first Photography lesson!!! Wehey!!

OK, I didn’t really learn an awful lot today, apart from what I will be learning over the next 8 weeks and by Jove if I absorb it all firstly, it’ll be a miracle and secondly, boy will I be good at this taking snaps thingy!

I have a little homework to do…finding settings, buttons etc and next week we have to take our tripods with us…how exciting!

But in good, traditional, Britishness, let’s go back to the weather. I was woken this morning not by drip, drip,drip or a trickle, more of a gush, gush, gushing sound and I couldn’t work out where it was coming from. I stumbled downstairs before having washed my face and wasn’t truly awake. I walked from room to room trying to work out where it originated. Aha there it was, outside thank goodness, behind the front door.  I opened the door and put my head out and promptly received a torrent of water that was coming from a (brand new) hole in the guttering on the eaves, down the back of my neck…Nice!Well, that woke me up!  It was freezing! As they say it never rains – it pours!

If you’ve followed my blog a little, you’ll know I have a dog who thinks he’s allergic to the rain, so as soon as we had a break in the weather this afternoon, I went to walk him.  I’m afraid I was a naughty girl and didn’t take my camera and now wish I had, but true to my challenge I did take some snaps with my iPhone!!

I was amazed at just how wet everything was!

Got the right boots on!

Dog's eye view! (No wonder he doesn't like the rain!)

Absolutely Dripping!

So gloomy up at the woods

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud!


I haven’t seen the forecast for tomorrow but whatever it throws at me, I’ll be ready and I will definitely take my camera with me….so hopefully tomorrow I may get some good shots.

12 thoughts on “DAY 40 (Rain, Rain Go away!)

    • Yes I’m impressed with the phone, had I stayed up at the woods any longer I think I would’ve got trenchfoot!! It was dismal and EMPTY…no one there at all!! Cowards!!!

  1. My little dog must be forced to endure the wet stuff, whereas the big dog acts as if he barely notices that he is getting drenched as he stands in the rain letting it drip off his fuzzy coat. Good shots with a phone, and nice lighting, considering it being a gray, damp day.

  2. Great photos, I particularly like the first one, the milky reflection in the water is intriguing. I am surprised to hear you haven’t taken lessons before, you truly have a good eye! Natural photographer 🙂

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