A Poem to go with my post!

This is a little poem I wrote for a friend of mine who turned 60 last year!!


So you’re the big six-oh, my friend
I hope you don’t think I’m a bore
But I thought I would forewarn you
Apparently this is what’s in store
They recommend Vitamins to help with your aches and pains,
And a couple of crosswords or sudoku, to exercise your brain,
You’ll probably find you need a daily nap to get you through the day,
But hey what do I know, I’m just repeating what they say.
So you don’t get too confused, you’ll need to plan your daily tasks,
And you’ll not want to drive so much, so the petrol lasts and lasts,
And you’ll probably start writing lists of things you don’t want to forget,
Like visits to the doctors, dentist and take the dog to the vet.
You’ll get into early morning rising after nights of tossing and turning,
And suffer from indigestion, and become accustomed to the burning,
You’ll be more careful with the choice of curry, instead of choosing any,
And you’ll have to start bulk buying, of both Gaviscon® and Rennie® !
You’ll find it quite surprising when you manage a good nights sleep,
And you’ll gingerly get out of bed, whereas once you used to leap,
You’ll appreciate an early night which in the past, you’d gladly miss
And long nights of passion will be replaced with a gentle goodnight kiss.
You’ll start changing habits, as to what you like to eat,
You’ll start eating much more vegetables and cutting down on red meat,
You’ll read articles of what is good for you, which will leave you feeling confused
And drink mint, camomile and herbal teas that are adequately infused.
You’ll find you lose your temper, which you won’t think is odd,
But all your friends will take to calling you that miserable, grumpy sod!
You’ll find everything so without hope, why all the doom and gloom?
And then you’ll notice when you talk, people leave the room!
I know what you are thinking, who am I to be so bold?
But I’m only letting you know what to expect and what I have been told,
It really can’t be that bad, you’re only sixty Hon
You just wait till next year when you’ll be hitting sixty one!!!!


©Taking Snaps October 2011

8 thoughts on “A Poem to go with my post!

  1. AH! I’m 61! Much of this true, except I still eat pretty much what I want. Other that that, you described it quite well. But I’m enjoying being 61! With it comes a measure of freedom that wasn’t there when I was 51, 41 or 31, and definitely not when I was 21.

    • Well I’ll be 51 in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it..I’ve never feared getting old as I never seem to feel any older really!! (I seem to have stopped at 29!!)

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