DAY 42 (Making Lists)

I know I’m not “Old“. I mean what are the signs of getting old? Aches, pains, sleeping less, forgetting things, not to mention dribbling etc, etc! We all make jokes and say that we’re getting older, blah, blah, blah…but today two things happened that inspired this post.

First, I received this email from a friend which really made me giggle,

“I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me – then my forwarding it will be worth the effort.Walk with me by  the water – worth the read… A BEAUTIFUL POEM ABOUT GROWING OLDER:

Bugger  …  I forgot the words….

Then, as I’d had a really busy day doing bits and pieces and tidying up around the house, I went to throw these out…

Today's lists

Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t live without my lists! Well I can but I wouldn’t get half the things done that need doing.  I actually have a PhD in List making! I not only make lists but they are then divided into sub lists and sometimes I will add an addendum, it all depends on the day!  And always, bottom right hand side are things that come to mind that I need from the shops! Why? I don’t know, it’s always been that way.

It is not sufficient to just scribble  “Clean Lounge”
I will then under this heading, itemise:

Clean Fireplace
Clean Windows
Polish Coffee Table
Tidy DVDs
Clean Dog Basket etc

Now this isn’t so that I don’t forget to do the above, it is simply so I can cross them off. I cannot describe the incredible feeling of achievement I feel when I look at a list and all the tasks are completed. Hubby laughs at me and tells me that in the time I write the lists, the tasks could actually be done! I don’t care I like my lists!

This is what happened today!!!

Hubby  “Is there anything you want me to do?”

Me  “Hang on, I’ll look on my list.”

Hubby….raises his eyebrows in a “Oh here we go again” expression.

Me “Oh you could pop to the supermarket for me if you want”

Hubby “What do we need?”

So I look at the bottom right hand side of my list and there it is….simple,

All in the detail

Me “Erm, just Firelighters, Dog Food and an A4 notepad. Oh and can you get some loo roll too? Would you like me to write a list for you?”

Hubby, looking as though I was talking to a 5-year-old says, quite sharply “No, don’t worry. I think I’ll manage to remember those four items!”

Me “OK then if you’re sure”

Hubby leaves.

Hubby returns.

He’s carrying two carrier bags and starts unloading onto the kitchen counter….

Roast Chicken
French Stick
Dog Food
A4 Pad
Washing up Liquid (I have two in the cupboard under the sink!)
2 Packs of Doughnuts (1 x pack of jam filled 1 x pack of custard filled)

Broccoli, who asked for Broccoli? I say nothing! Hang on a sec…”Did you remember the firelighters?”

Hubby “Ah no, I knew there was something else!” and walks out of the room!

I didn’t like to mention that he’s also forgotten the loo roll!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not annoyed with him. I’m damn grateful that he offered to go to the supermarket in the first place! Plus he did buy us a lovely lunch of Roast Chicken with crispy French stick followed by yummy doughnuts. Not that it will help my waistline!

So there you go, you see we aren’t really old, we’re just getting old….er!!

Which reminds me – I can’t sit here and type all night, I have to get organised for tomorrow, I’m off to the Supermarket to get Firelighters and Loo roll…hang on I’ll just pop them on my list!


6 thoughts on “DAY 42 (Making Lists)

  1. This gave me a good chuckle as I’m a fellow list maker (itemized, sub-listed, addendum and all)! Have you ever tried Scribbless ( You can make lists online! Not as good as handwriting (oh so many addendums), but in a pinch, at least I can access my lists anywhere 🙂

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