Posts or Pages – you tell me!

I haven’t update my photo pages for a while, and I’m not sure whether it’s such a good idea. Maybe better to just post them here…any ideas…gratefully received. Thanks!

Just grazing

"You lookin' at me?"

I'm going this way


8 thoughts on “Posts or Pages – you tell me!

  1. Tough to answer. I enjoy seeing your photos daily, something to look forward to, but when they are categorized in pages it makes it easy to view particular favorites. I do like the slide-show that you have set up for the dogs. How’s that for not helping 🙂

  2. Funny you ask this question, the other night I spent 3 incredibly boring hours improving my short fiction section so my story stuff is easier to view. I love the act of writing but sorting it all out is a dull as staring at something brown, and dull.

    Anyway, if you post your pics in the normal way, then in your pages create a series of galleries, smaller images etc, that link to those posts. That way you can keep your fans happy with the posts on the main pages but also have an ongoing library for visitors to search through. Hey-ho presto, sorted. Well, providing you keep on top of it, not like me who let it slide for months!

    • That sounds like a brilliant idea, I’m not quite sure how to go about it! I think I may try a couple tonight and see if I can work it out…as you say, I’ll have to be organised and I’m not sure whether I’m THAT disciplined!!

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