DAY 43 (Bespectacled)

I, like many thousands of people, wear glasses.

I was in my mid-teens when I was issued with my very first pair of NHS, plastic, pale blue rimmed glasses, they certainly weren’t on my wish list.

There was only one girl at school who wore glasses and looked fantastic, let’s call her ‘Charlotte’, shall we? You know her, she was strawberry blond, long-legged, slim, great results in all subjects without being a swot, fantastic at PE, took part in drama without looking self-conscious, was a soloist in the choir, I could go on! I nagged my mum for a pair of hexagonal, gold-rimmed glasses (just like Charlotte’s!).

At the start of the English lesson I stealthily positioned my glasses’ case on the desk with my books and when no one was looking I popped them on. Silence! I felt a huge relief, I was sure my fellow classmates thought I looked as cool as Charlotte. Our English teacher was fearsome and no talking was allowed in class (that’s why no one said anything!!) Boy, did I suffer with the teasing and taunts when we were dismissed? Needless to say the glasses never came out of my satchel again.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I realised that I definitely needed glasses and have worn them ever since. Fortunately, they make so much more attractive frames nowadays but that just creates another dilemma, which ones to choose?  I have yet to go to an opticians where I agree with their professional opinion as to which pair suit me best!  I also want to know where I’m going wrong.  I see the adverts, two pairs for £69 or buy one pair, get one free, how come I never leave the opticians with a bill less than £150?

I used to need them for everything, close up, long and middle distance. So – first thing in the morning, glasses on and last thing at night, glasses off. My eyesight has recently started playing silly games with me, I now only need them for middle and long distance, I no longer need them for reading.(sounds great doesn’t it?)  Well, let me tell you, it’s a damn nuisance!!  I am constantly pushing my glasses up on top of my head when I need to read things, they get caught up in my hair and I have to pull out a handful of hair to extricate them, as a result of this habit the arms have stretched and if I bend over, they slip off the end of my nose, not to mention the ever-growing bald patch!!

Apparently this dates back to 1352 Picture copied from

Now I have taken to wearing them on a chain, this in itself is far from satisfactory, the hair on the back of my neck gets caught up in the links and is incredibly painful as I hoike the chain away. The chain, no matter how I place it on the arms of the glasses, always ends up getting caught behind one ear, yes ONE ear, so I can’t simply take off my glasses with one hand – I need two!

The chain is just the right length so that my glasses dangle and hit my desk so I have to sit further back from the PC with my arms outstretched and then of course I’m too far away to see – so I have to put my glasses back on!!! So I end up taking off my glasses and pushing my chair up to the desk so I can see properly.
Cooking is a nightmare, if I’m following a recipe, glasses on and off every 5 minutes, so I end up taking them off so I can read and then do all the rest in a blur.
I don’t need my glasses when I use my camera, and as they get all tangled in the strap of the camera  I resort to taking them off.
This taking off of the glasses in turn gives me another problem, I inevitably put them down somewhere and can’t remember where I left them. I then spend  10-15 minutes looking for them…. I’m quite sure I must say, “Damn, where did I put my glasses?” 20 times a day. It’s infuriating!!

I have tried contact lenses but as I have astigmatism, my lens’ had blue dots on them, to ensure I inserted them the right way. “Dot at the top” that system didn’t work, they would twist and slide around until everything was blurred. On one occasion a lens actually flicked out of my eye and landed on the top of my cheek!!!

I have considered laser surgery but I’m just too scared to go down that route…just imagine if something went wrong?  My eyesight may not be that good but I certainly wouldn’t want it to be any worse.

I apologise for the rant, I just can’t believe that there isn’t a simpler solution to failing eyesight!


17 thoughts on “DAY 43 (Bespectacled)

  1. I remember when i needed glasses in my early teens, this was back when the lenses were super thick and the frames even bigger. It wasn’t easy being made comments to, boy i hated them lol! 😀

  2. I’ve worn glasses since my late teens as well. I don’t need them for reading but for everything else. I’m lucky though, I can still read with them on so I don’t have to switch, unless doing a lot of reading. So I only take them off when I’m sitting to read a book, usually at bedtime.

    Have you thought about, oh this will sound awful, but bifocals? That sounds like such an old persons thing, but I know someone who got bifocals, bottom for reading so there was no actual prescription and upper for everything else. Not sure how that works with an astigmatism though. I have one as well but never had problems with contacts. I just hated wearing them, dried my eyes like little deserts! I was waiting for cacti to start growing… horrid.

    • It was after I had ‘published’ that I realised I hadn’t written about my experience with Varifocals!! Oh that was another disaster, I just felt constantly sick and kept bumping into things!! I still have them, I use them when I’m painting and decorating!! That’s why the wallpaper isn’t lined up properly!!! 😉 As for “old person” you’re talking to a poor old sod with her spectacles hanging off a chain…I’m past looking old!!!

      • BTW — both my parents had the surgery done and didn’t need glasses afterwards. I’ve thought about having it done but I’m a coward, I admit!

        Verifocals? Is that more than just the two prescriptions? No wonder that made you queasy!

  3. Hahahahahaha!! You made me laugh so hard!

    I’m the reverse. I’ve been wearing glasses for 20 years and finally got LASIK. And you know what? I miss my glasses!!!! I had poured so much money on an item that has become a fashion accessory to me. I don’t know how to apply eye make up. I used my frames to bring out my eyes. Wearing glasses has been so automatic to me for years I didn’t think much about them.

    But you are so right. They say two pairs for $99, and somehow I never walk away without spending $350!

    I had mixed feelings getting LASIK. The truth of the matter is my active and traveling lifestyle actually required better eyesight, just for safety reasons. Years ago, I found myself skiing downhill at about 30mph, my goggles flattening my glasses onto my face, causing it to fog. Then it started snowing, hard. I realised I couldn’t see more then 3 feet in front of me, and there I kept flying down at a high speed. As soon as I got back from that trip, I went to the doctor and got my first contact prescription. It still took years before I found the perfect contact prescription. All those years inbetween, I only went through a pair each year because they hurt too much. Once I found that perfect prescription, I was already well on my way to deciding to get LASIK.

    Now that I had LASIK? I dropped some decent money to get those $350 frames refitted with clear lens so I can continue wearing them. My friends finally picked them up from the shop and mailed them out to me. I love them! I cannot put them down!!!!

  4. I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you because my hearing aid battery went dead, and I couldn’t read it because I’ve misplaced my glasses. Just teasing, of course. Well, sort of. I so empathize with you. When your glasses are only needed for certain things, they always tend to get in the way of those other things. My latest battle is glasses on for reading and computer, but not while driving. But then, of course, I can’t see street signs under I’m passing under them, which means I get to turn around. A lot.

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