DAY 52 (Growing Old is Inevitable, Growing Up is Optional)


Hi Everyone…..I’m back…bet it’s been quiet without me eh?

Well I’ve had the most fabulous time in France with my two sisters but I’ve come back with a sore throat, a camera full of photos and a limp!! (All will be explained later!!) The weather was incredibly cold and the wind was bitter but it takes more than that to keep me at bay, so armed with my camera, I clicked and clacked and got some lovely shots…the sky was so blue and bright.  I really enjoyed playing with the settings on my new camera!!

Gosh I have missed my blog, but I did manage to upload a photo a day and I’m so pleased I made the effort after all that was my original challenge a photo a day for 365 days….and I can’t believe I’m on day 52 already.

We took the Eurostar from St Pancras into Gare du Nord and it went without a hitch….very pleasant indeed, so much easier than driving and it meant we could have an alcoholic beverage en route, just to get into the mood!

I had great fun trying to get shots from the train window as there were some great ones of grafitti…

I, of course, did the Cemetery! I can’t tell you how cold I was but it was worth it and of course being in France, I had to visit a market and then there are other bits and bobs….I’ll insert a slide show at the end of my post and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Oh the sore throat, firstly it’s hoarse due to the constant chatting and laughing but also I’m sure due to travelling on the underground in London, it was crammed and all I could hear were sneezes, coughs and sniffs.  I did hide my face in my scarf but I think the little blighters (germs) got through the loose stitching.

Now then the foot!! Well, I decided that my sister should look after all the many little feathered visitors to her garden but the water in the bird baths was frozen. So in an effort to do my bit for nature, I put on many layers of coats, hats and scarves,  over my PJ’s and went out wearing my brother-in-law’s very ample boots!! With boiling kettle in one hand and early morning ciggie in the other, I trundled over the rock-hard, frozen lawn to the decking….poured the boiling water into the baths to loosen the ice and tipped it out. I then decided to kick the ice blocks off the decking…1st lump no problem it shot across the decking and skimmed over the lawn and landed in the flower bed.  2nd block of ice, little did I know that within the two minutes of it landing on the decking, it had actually frozen to the wooden planks. I brought my foot back, at a fair rate of knots and squared my toes up to launch the ice off across the frozen white grass…..except it didn’t move, it was well and truly stuck and as I kicked it, I heard a faint crack from inside the boot!! Yep my toe!!  Fortunately my toes were so cold I didn’t really feel anything.  The pain developped as my toes thawed once back inside the house.  I have now spent two days with my toes strapped together, one of which is the most beautiful shade of magenta!!

For a moment I thought the swelling would prevent me from wearing my boots and I would be reduced to wearing my slippers for the journey home.  Luckily, the swelling went down and I limped home, feeling somewhat stupid….as they say, growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!!!

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9 thoughts on “DAY 52 (Growing Old is Inevitable, Growing Up is Optional)

  1. All great pics, love the slide show! I am sorry about your foot & mouth (ha!) but admit to chuckling at your tale of how you hurt your toe. Sounds like something I would do 😉

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