DAY 53

Just a very quick post as I have woken up at some ridiculous time!!

Where have all the gentlemen gone?

Well I think they are in London!


On my travels last week, I was struggling during the rush hour with a huge, cumbersome suitcase and on approaching some of the steep staircases on the underground, twice I was offered help. A voice in the crowd said “Can I give you a hand with that?”

Now what is surprising is that the men in question were young ie; late 20’s early 30’s. They were dressed in suits and quite obviously going to work. Yet in the crushing and pushing they took my heavy bag and lugged it up the stairs for me. I was incredibly grateful, they carried the bag and left it at the top of the stairs, I thanked them and they disappeared into the masses and went on their way.

I will never see these men again but I cannot explain how their kindness was appreciated and they will never know how thankful I was.

It’s lovely to know that this kind of chivalry still exists. It certainly took me by surprise and made my day!

So I raise my glass (well my coffee cup) to the gentlemen of London!!




8 thoughts on “DAY 53

  1. I toast to that as well! Years ago, I was spending a summer abroad. I took the train from Paris and was on my way up to Cambridge. I was laden with belongings, belongings that will cover four months of living out of a suitcase. As I dragged my stuff get onto the train from London, a young man came right up and said “Why don’t you get up the steps. I’ll carry the suitcase for you.” Just like your experience, deposited the bag in the train right behind me without further ado.

    Just a few months ago, I was coming back from the States. Another suitcase absolutely loaded with goodies my family sent me off with. And a hair over the 20kg weight limit that even buses have (20.8kg, according to British Airways). As I got on the bus from Heathrow to Oxford, the driver made a fuss about how the bag is too heavy for him to be obligated to handle. I didn’t argue, ready to load in the cargo hold myself. Instead, a fellow passengar, a gentleman easily twice my age, stepped in, stopped me, and loaded my bag for me.

    I am as independent as the woman can possibly come these days, but I’m not above accepting help. And definitely appreciate a kind gesture as anyone else. Your post is very well said. Such consideration is too few and far inbetween, but the English gentlemen have more than showed their share of helping hands.

    • It restores faith in humanity…although I must admit I didn’t see much chivalry in France and like you I like to be independent but I’m not averse to accepting help! If I offer help when I can I’m pleased if someone accepts it…it works both ways that’s for sure.

  2. And you accepted their help – which many women seem they ought to refuse. Chivalry needs to be a 2 way street, I sometimes think. These days many women are slaying their own dragons and not allowing men to help

    • Colline, I’m old fashioned, I’m female, I’m no body builder so if someone is kind enough to make the effort to help, I’m always grateful. Hats off to these two lads!

    • That is true. I’ve had male friends admit to me they are being afraid of being bitten by offering to help. I’m all for equality but there is one simple fact: women are not built to be as strong as men. Yes, we can be very strong. Female athletes can beat the life out of an average guy. But we are physically different.

      I also see it this way: *I* should help people. When I see people struggling with steps, whether it be a pram, many bags, an unweildly piece of cargo, I try to remember to stop and help. I try to remember to hold doors for people, even if it’s a young healthy man in his 20s or 30s. It’s simple kindness and courtesy. Besides, I always like the look of surprise in a man’s face when he realized a pint-sized woman came to offer help 😉

      • I had a male friend who once said he would never stop to help a lady whose car had broken down because he would be afraid she would take it the wrong way….sad isnt’ it?

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