A very ‘Versatile’ Surprise – Thank you!

Well I don’t believe this!

When I started blogging just before Christmas the idea was that I would post one snap a day for 365 days. Strangely, blogging has become more than that for me…I had no idea that I would become so hooked on the photography angle of it.  As a result I now have a new DSLR and am attending a Photography Course and I’m loving it and I just want to improve.  I had no idea that I would start writing aswell! OK it’s not literature, it’s ramblings and I love it…when I find the time.

Talking of Ramblings,  Mona at http://monahoward.com/ has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award….I can’t believe it…honestly these Awards are like buses….you don’t see one for ages and then two turn up at once…I received The Liebster Award just a couple of days ago!! I feel really flattered and a bit of a fraud if the truth be known…I don’t really think I do anything that warrants an award but it’s wonderful to think that someone appreciates what I’m doing. Thank you for thinking of me, Mona.  I love her blog, do pop over and have a look, it’s always different and always worth a read.

The rules of  the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

3. Share 7 things about myself.

4. Pass the award along to 10 favorite bloggers.

5. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Oh dear 7 things about myself……

1 – I was born and bred in Wales, Boyo!

2-I have a very distinctive laugh (Cackle!!)

3-I need to start everyday with a walk in the woods with my dog….or else everyone suffers the consequences!!

4- I’m 51 in a couple of days but stopped developing at the age of 26 (ish!)

5-I speak fluent French.

6-I think I suffer from number dyslexia cos I’m rubbish at Maths.

7-I would love to earn my living by working with dogs and selling some of my photographs.

I’m going to pass this award onto the following 10 blogs that I really enjoy and they really deserve an award….if they haven’t already got it!

1- http://googsy.wordpress.com/

2- http://kathryndawson.wordpress.com/

3- http://davefarmersblog.wordpress.com/

4- http://www.indigospider.org

5- http://clover58.wordpress.com/

6- http://gaia365.wordpress.com/

7- http://photonatureblog.com/

8- http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/

9- http://accidentallyyours.com/

and last but certainly not least

10- http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com/


19 thoughts on “A very ‘Versatile’ Surprise – Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! I can confidently say if you like dogs…you won’t be disappointed!!! I think there’s a photo of a dog on nearly all posts…oh and watch out on my post ‘Something Fishy going on’ there is a photo of a fish….(I read your post so thought I’d better warn you!!!)

  1. Thank you that’s very kind!
    Gosh we are so similar! 😀
    I think I have dyscalculia too 😀 And although I’m closer to your ‘stopped developing age’ than your actual age we really seem to be so alike!

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