DAY 56 (Asparagus and Feathers)

I’ve been a bit busy today and haven’t been able to find the time to apply myself to photography but I did play around with some veg!!! The way you do!

Ah Vegetables!!


I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this evening because of the Versatile Blogger Award and am feeling very grateful along with a little bit of pressure…that’s not the idea of blogging is it? So I’m going to cop-out and put up a poem that I wrote a while ago…it means a lot to me especially when good things happen and hope that you will enjoy it. It’s just I was walking in the woods this morning and saw one,lonely, solitary, white feather and it made me think of this….

White Feathers

Have you ever wondered what white feathers mean?
Have you picked one up, they are snow-white you will see
Have you seen them float down upon a gentle breeze?
And seen that they’ve appeared from the branches of the trees.

They appear in the strangest of places, be careful where you tread
You will find one in the sheets when you are making your bed
In the post office queue, you will find one on the floor
Put your key in the lock and there is one behind the door

You will find one in your handbag that you didn’t know was there
You will find one in a pair of shoes that you never wear
There will be another in a magazine that you have just stopped to buy
Have you ever stopped to wonder, how they got there and why?

And have you ever noticed when you are sad and down
And you can’t smile for the furrow of your frown
Look carefully around when you stop and dry your eyes
There will surely be a feather that has fallen from the skies.

We all have guardian angels that watch us from above
People who have left us, the ones that we have loved
They are always with us, they follow us around
And leave us signs they’re present, white feathers on the ground.


You may not believe in miracles but believe me when I say
These feathers are a message from the ones who’ve gone away
It may be hard to understand until you’ve thought it through
But take a little time and you too will see it’s true.


And so we must appreciate these simple little things
Because they are the feathers that have fallen from their wings
They can no longer hug us or stroke us with their touch
But they are trying to tell us that they love us just so much.


 © Taking Snaps June  2005

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