DAY 57 (Lovely snow and grumpy old woman!)

How lovely to see the snow, I know there are many people who don’t enjoy it and I did feel for all those who had to get to work in it but it really was the finest, powdery snow and it didn’t seem too cold this morning.

I’m a good,safety conscious girl, I went to the car and carefully cleared all the snow from the windscreen, windows, headlamps and the bonnet so that it wouldn’t blow up onto the windscreen and make me jump as I drive along!!! (Come on admit it, it’s happened to you too!) It wasn’t a difficult job – the snow was lovely and light and came off a treat.
I then opened the driver’s door and ‘splat’ all the snow that was on the roof of the car landed nice and squarely on the drivers seat, in the foot well and in the pocket on the inside of the door…what is it with car designers? You see documentaries where they show them putting cars through their paces, in wind tunnels, racing them around tracks, driving them into brick walls but when it comes to snow and rain, they really haven’t thought these things through!

There are photos to come…just bare with me while I have a small rant!!

With regards the rain every time I open the driver’s window, the water drips down on to the armrest in the door where all the electrics are located for the windows and the mirror adjusters are….I mean how maddening is that? It drives me potty! I go shopping in the rain, get to the car park, open the window to take a ticket from the machine and drip, drip, drip – all over the buttons. I then have a ticket hanging out of my mouth (I hate seeing people who do that!) but it’s because I don’t want it to get soggy, I’m popping the car into first gear to move off as the barrier rises all whilst trying to use my sleeve to mop up the puddle that’s formed on the armrest and is now dribbling down onto my legs and seat, and am now aware of the queue that’s forming behind me!  Anyway that wasn’t at all what I thought I was going to write today but there you go….I’ve had my grumble and now I feel better all I can say is I’m glad I was wearing my waterproof walking trousers or else I’d of had a wet, cold bum!!!

So back to more calm and beautiful things….

The woods were a delight this morning, I was earlier than usual and it was very quiet there, just Hubby, myself and the dog, we bumped into very few other people and it was glorious. The sun was shining and the glistening on the snow was just stunning, of course now I don’t allow myself to use the automatic button on my camera – so the fact that these are in focus is a damn miracle!!! I’m really pleased with them.

I hope you enjoy them..

And of course my Dog photos for the day, just my old boy I’m afraid. He did make me laugh, he jumped up onto what I like to call the ‘Biscuit Bench’ because he gets a treat here, but the look on his face!  “Who put icing on my bench???”

He really doesn’t look amused does he?

25 thoughts on “DAY 57 (Lovely snow and grumpy old woman!)

  1. The light in the 2nd photo is wonderful and I love the blue in the 3rd photo. The photo at the very top, the birdhouse in the dark, amazing capture with the falling snow. They are all lovely. Oh, and yes, he does have a look of disgust at the snow on his bench 🙂

  2. Ha! These are gorgeous – I photographed those flat mushroom sort of shaped plants the other day in the ice too 😛
    I love your dog! So cute! And he looks tiny compared to that bench. Great shots =)

  3. I am so envious! I had to rush off to work. You are absolutely right.. The snow was crisp and powdery, the beautiful kind. I would have preferred to go outside to take some photos. Your photos are gorgeous.

  4. Oh how I miss snow (I know; those who live in the North think I’m crazy!). I like your shots, especially the fence line. You should print this on and hang it on your wall…or even submit it to some competition or sell it.

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