DAY 59 (Lazy Sunday)

I’ve had a lovely day today…the big thaw has coincided with the big freeze!

This little brook was completely frozen.

Even the ponds were totally frozen …

Charlie didn’t seem to realise this and off he went…I actually lay on my stomach to take this photo and it was really (I mean REALLY) cold, as I lay there I suddenly thought, if the ice gave way I’d get a cracking photo – don’t worry I’m not that naughty- it’s very shallow!

I found a new home in the country, what do you think?? A bit draughty for this time of year!

I did manage to take one photo with a little bit of colour! (The pay desks at the local Pick your Own farm)

I like this one with the Bullrushes.

I received a beautiful bunch of roses today from a special friend and thought aha….I’ll take a photo of them!! So then spent some more time playing with photoshop with colour isolation and radial blurs. I know how to have a good time.

I have done nothing but play with my camera today….at one stage I felt a little guilty so decided to mop the floors, went out for the mop and bucket and the mop was frozen so I had to defrost it!! Someone is trying to tell me something.

Well that’s all folks – I’m exhausted so I’m off for an evening in front of the fire!!  Ahhhh heaven!!

18 thoughts on “DAY 59 (Lazy Sunday)

  1. all great photos … especially loved the snowy teepee

    we’ve had an unusually cool 42 degrees here in south texas … that fireplace sounds like a lovely way to spend the day (other than playing with the camera) … I had a fireplace in my last house, but not this one … wouldn’t mind a fire right about now

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