DAY 60 (Grey,Black,Green,White,Yellow and Pink)

Why is it some days you just wake up feeling a little blue?

I felt so down this morning…there was no reason for it. Admittedly outside was grey and miserable, so sure that doesn’t help or inspire. I felt a little weary although I’d had a perfectly good night’s sleep which is a bit of a novelty so I really can’t explain it.

I’m normally quite a bouncy and cheerful person and this happens so rarely that it always throws me off balance! I was sure that something would happen during the day to cheer me up, keeping positive here you’ll notice!

The dog doesn’t care what mood I’m in, first job of the day…Walkies!

It wasn’t good, the woods were empty and as I was early, none of my walking friends were there. The dog had no one to play with and his mood was quickly descending too!

I went, camera in hand, with the intention of finding something cheerful to snap at…and what do I notice?  These. Black, dark and gnarled, just like my mood.

Then in the next photo I just noticed a tiny amount of sunshine coming through. The honeysuckle, although twisted, I cold just see the new green, growth peeping up at me!  Things were on the up!!

My mood was beginning to lift. At the end of my walk I saw this little white feather caught on a branch, and thought ‘Ah! Mum is looking down on me, so I’ll be fine.” (If you aren’t aware of my beliefs on white feathers, you can find them here:

I parked up outside the house and as I got out of the car, look what I found! (Now, is that a sign or what?)

By now I’m feeling a lot better.  I walk into the house and am greeted by this beautiful bunch of flowers that I received yesterday. Now with the heat of the house, the buds are opening and the blooms are stunning.

I’m on a roll now…out with the trusted Canon and click, click, click….then on to Adobe Photoshop and a new download of Gimp and what d’ya know?

We have a lovely old rose.

We have a little bit of sparkle.

And now we’re in the pink!!!

I have so much to be thankful for, I have my health, my loved ones, food on the table and a roof over my head and a goofy dog who thinks I can do no wrong! I’m now sat here typing this up and wondering what on earth happened this morning!

You know what they say “simple things please simple people”. Well apparently flowers and photography appear to be mine.

I hope you’ve all had a great day but if by any chance it’s been a rotten one…do what you love best, be it writing, photography, a face mask, or a glass of wine.


18 thoughts on “DAY 60 (Grey,Black,Green,White,Yellow and Pink)

    • Thanks, I’m just looking at yours….same taste I see!!! 🙂 I shall follow and keep up to date with your blog. I see you’re quite new…me too. I started just before Christmas and I’m really loving it. Good luck.

  1. Lovely photos. I’ve found photography is a great way to cheer yourself up. There are so many amazing things all around us, but sometimes we have to look for them. A camera gives you a way to do that, and to capture something that will make you smile. Glad you were able to turn your day around. 🙂

  2. Really love those first three … of course, I would love the dark and brooding ones, right? Actually, I think it’s pretty cool that you managed to re-color your world. The flowers are so gorgeous, and TWO white feathers in one day? Talk about ways to shift your perspective! Nicely done.

  3. I’m so glad you were able to find a few things to cheer up your drab morning! It really is the little things that make the difference some days. Beautiful shots of the woods, by the way!

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