DAY 61 (Hearts and Tea)

I’ve always been a bit of a Tomboy, I’m really not a flowers and frills kinda girl…and as Hubby always works on Valentine’s day evening and it’s so close to my birthday, we don’t really celebrate it in our house. That might seem mean and tight but we do love each other, honest!! We show each other during the year…(well the last 30 to be exact) so I don’t really need a bunch of red roses on the 14th of Feb every year.

I searched high and low to find anything with a heart in the house and came across this:


Yes, it’s actually a tin of tea, which smells more like pot pourri!!

I decided I would try to make a heart, I’ve seen this done somewhere much better than this but the dog was itching for his walk so it’s a hurried affair…I shall try it another day – properly!!

My next big challenge to-day was to find ‘Lurve’ in the woods. This is what I found.

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I was really pleasantly surprised I didn’t realise what a lot of romantics go to the woods! Equally, surprised that I hadn’t really noticed these before!

I felt a bit naughty taking this snap, very, very quickly with my phone but it is a scene that is seen all over the UK today!!! (It made me chuckle but hopefully he made someone’s day!)

I hope that you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day…..


12 thoughts on “DAY 61 (Hearts and Tea)

  1. We don’t really go all out on Valentine’s day either. I am often told “I love you” so I do not feel the need for flowers and chocolates – though I am sure hubby will buy a decadent chocolate cake for dessert tonight 😀

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