DAY 62 (From one old boiler to another)

It never rains it pours!!!

Just over a week ago, my washing machine decided to give up the ghost and pour water out all over the floor, fortunately it’s outside in the porch so it didn’t ruin my kitchen floor. We have ordered the spare part and hubby is going to fix it. It still hasn’t arrived so I’m doing some washing by hand and the rest I’m taking to hubby’s place of work and doing the wash there.

Now picture this, I’m sat here in the study, in a pair of thermal long johns, padded trousers over those, a thermal vest, a tee-shirt, a polo neck and a windproof top and a bobble hat!!

Why? I hear you ask.

Because on Valentine’s Day I woke up and felt a little chilly. Guess what? The boiler decided to join the Washing Machine….so as a result no hot water and no heating!!

Oh my, how we take all these wonderful machines for granted and miss them when they don’t work.

Sorting out the boiler problem took almost all day yesterday, I shan’t go into all the details for fear of bursting a blood vessel! But tomorrow, all being well, the boiler man will be out between 10am and 2pm to fix it. (I’ll believe it when I see it.) The company I have coming out haven’t been the most efficient but I’d already spent so much time dealing with them that had I gone off and found another company I would have lost a day!! (And I’m cold!!!)

The house we live in was built in 1901, it’s lovely, it’s red brick with a bay window. It has small, cosy rooms, and a lovely little garden at the back. I’m sure an estate agent would make it sound very desirable. However it is now 2012 there is no room for parking cars, no downstairs loo, in fact when we bought it, the bathroom was stuck in the outhouse at the back of the kitchen! The doors don’t fit the frames, the windows rattle when the wind blows and I don’t think there’s a straight wall in the house! It is a house that is full of ‘character’ but I can tell you now our next house will be a new build!!

Now with a couple less mod cons, I’m finding it hard to believe what the occupants lives must have been like when it was built, no washing machines, no cars, no central heating and no computers. It must’ve been so hard. I’ve just about had enough of trundling upstairs to the bathroom with a kettle of  boiling water! I’m glad we kept the fireplace in situ when we moved in, it has been alight since 3pm but it doesn’t give out much heat and it isn’t a really cold day today. So how people managed in the past is quite incredible.
I like to regard myself as a bit of a toughy, coming originally from the countryside but I have become so accustomed to walking around my house in the middle of winter in just a tee-shirt that I’m now finding it really quite unpleasant, these old houses are very draughty. I’m afraid I’ve become a weakling!

OK photo time.

Today I decided to concentrate on dogs again. I’ve neglected them recently and there’s one in particular that I’ve tried to catch. She is a lovely Jack Russell and although I’ve taken loads of photos of her in the past, I’ve never really managed to capture her personality…today I did it and I’m chuffed to bits.


9 thoughts on “DAY 62 (From one old boiler to another)

  1. What a lovely collection of photos (and breeds)! I especially like the photo with the dog dancing for a biscuit – funny how interested they become in us humans when food is available! 🙂

  2. Fantastic shots, especially the ‘action’ shots with all his feet in the air trying to get that biscuit! The “good looking specimen” is a German Shorthaired Pointer, in case you didn’t know. One of my brothers owned one, she passed a few years ago, and she was the sweetest dog. Miss her.

    As for your heating problem — oh so sorry! I hope it doesn’t go below freezing or you may need to make sure the pipes are drained to avoid further disaster. My mother’s house last winter had a major flood in the garage and basement because the pipes burst when the heater broke (she was only gone for 2 days). Not that you need anything more to worry about 🙂

    • Thank you..I’m just so glad I managed to catch Whinnie’s character, I’ve been trying for ages, little madam!! Yes the pointer is beautiful the lady owner had two and one died a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would print this off along with a couple more that I took and give them to her.

  3. We do tend to rely on the modern conveniences of machinary and electricity don’t we? I remember my grandmother telling me stories of going to the river every day to do her laundry with a washboard. No wonder they used to take the entire day to do household chores.
    Hope you get warm soon and don’t have too much hassle with the boiler company.

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