DAY 67 (Heating and the duck pond)


Oh I’m so relieved, I cannot wait to have a shower in my own house, I’ve been traipsing from one friend’s house to another using their showers!! I have a toilet bag in a rucksack with my towels in it, permanantly located at the front door.

The engineer came out at 1pm and by 3pm he had fixed the problem.  After changing the diverter valve, the pcb (whatever that is) they worked out that it was the fan that had died.

Now the radiators are roasting and I’m little by little removing hat, gloves, scarf, coat and body warmer, I still have two jumpers a polo neck a tee shirt and a thermal vest on!!! I think my bones became so cold over the last 5 days that they will take a while to warm up again!

During our time without hot water I’ve managed to shatter two glass jugs by filling them with boiling water from the kettle! Whoops. One very good thing about having no heating is that my flowers that were given to me on my birthday are perfect the tulips haven’t drooped at all!!

It was so miserable around the house today that I went off with my camera and took some photos of the ducks being fed at the local pond!!


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