DAY 70 (What has blogging done for me?)

70 days, where have they gone?  I can’t believe that I have actually managed this and I haven’t missed a day.  I even went to France for a couple of days and posted from my iPhone! I don’t think I’ve ever been so committed except maybe to my marriage.  How on earth can I compare my blogging to my marriage?

What have I learnt in the last 70 days? Well for sure, that blogging is something that gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure. At the start, I did feel that I had set myself a ridiculous task of posting a photo everyday for a year and that I would give up after about 3 weeks. But here I am, still enjoying it and apart from a couple of days where I really didn’t have the time to blog properly I think I’ve done pretty well.

I have conquered the fear of pressing the “publish” button and have also come to the realisation that I am actually doing this for me, I’ve never kept a diary and I know I don’t write things that are overtly personal but I feel a wonderful sense of calm after blogging. I look forward to my time at the computer and typing away, not any great world-changing stuff but things that I find either important, irrelevant or just daily thoughts.

I’m incredibly flattered that I now have over 80 followers and that they actually click the like button and/or make such kind comments. I can only gather from this that they are kindred spirits.
I was equally blown away when I was nominated for a couple of awards, that was the furthest thing from my mind when I started this, in fact I didn’t even know they existed, so it really was a surprise!

Above all my photography has improved (well I think so anyway!) I have moved up from an “iPhone” to a “point and shoot” to a “dslr” in 70 days…not bad! I’m now attending a photography course that I absolutely love and look forward to every week.  I have decided that I need to focus on a particular subject and Dogs are the way for me! I want to take really ‘good’ photos of dogs, I’m no longer happy with a photo that is simply in focus, I now want to capture the character of the dog.  So I shall persevere along this route and hopefully make more progress, of course I shall continue to take silly bits and bobs too! I would like to work on the dogs but maybe set myself a subject a week for example, trees, water, leaves, plants, household objects. birds etc…I’m working on it. I’m intending to get to grips with an editing program too, I’ve downloaded Gimp but for the moment it’s all very confusing, but I will do it!!

I did manage to capture some lovely shots of dogs today….

A Little Puglet, love the markings on the brow!

Look at the eyelashes on this one!

Funny little chap

Have I got spinach stuck in my teeth??

Slobber Chops (Not a very good shot, but such a lovely boy, I couldn't leave him out!!)

Another JR! (Obviously on a mission!)


13 thoughts on “DAY 70 (What has blogging done for me?)

  1. I have begun to love blogging too – and I enjoy the connections I have made with people. So unexpected. I hope one to to improve my photography as you have – you are one of my sources of inspiration 🙂
    And that little puglet – he is SO cute! He is definately my favourite picture today.

  2. That third fellow looks like a fun pup to walk or cuddle up with! Do you know what breed he is? I don’t know much about that sort of thing since I have cats.

    Looks like you had a grand time out of doors. Keep snapping! 🙂

  3. adorable dog photos – especially love the puglet and the eyelashes

    glad to hear that beginning the blogging life has also led you in the direction of expanding on your photography, for which you do seem to have a knack for capturing your subjects well … and congrats on the awards, too!

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