DAY 72 (Tulips,Tripods and Tantrums)

Why is it sometimes I just lose my temper?

It’s a very, very, rare occurence but honestly sometimes I feel like screaming and it’s usually caused by the inconsideration of others!

Driving back to the house this morning after walking the dog, we drive into our street and there parked slap-bang in the middle of the road is a great big, white van.  There was plenty of room for parking on the side of the road and an empty driveway at the house it was visiting.

No Driver. No hazard lights. Nothing to indicate that anyone was in charge of it, just abandoned in the middle of the street. I drew to a halt and waited, chatting to my sister,  there was a car behind the van, also wanting to pass, all the while I can feel my blood beginning to boil!

Who the dickens would just leave a van there?
Can they not see they haven’t left enough room for anyone to pass?

I gave a gentle toot, I waited, the other car also gave a little hoot!  Out comes the owner of the house, NOT the owner of the van!!

I open my window….

“Oh Hi” he says ” Do you need to pass?”  What a stupid bloody question, I was hardly sat there for the good of my health!!

“No” I felt like saying “I thought I’d just sit here like a lemon, cos I’ve got absolutely nothing better to do on a beautiful day like today!”

What an imbecile!….sorry, you can see how it’s really winding me up, can’t you?

I saw a little opening on the left hand side so I pop the car into first and start to move forward….

“Honestly, you women are so impatient!” he quips.

IMPATIENT?  IMPATIENT? I mutter under my breath, cheeky so and so, I’ve been sat there for well over 15 minutes and he calls me impatient!

Eventually the van is moved and we pass, we pull up outside our house and I take a deep breath.

“Fancy a pub lunch?” Hubby asks….and my ‘White Van’ experience evaporates. You see I don’t stay angry for long. Sometimes what happened today wouldn’t have had any affect on me at all but this morning it drove me crazy!

So off we went to the most delightful little pub next to a church!

Church on High

Right in front of the pub is a serene duck pond.

Don't think I've ever seen a duck 'quacking' before but it was so cute!

Duck House on the Pond

The weather was quite amazing today, even warmer than yesterday and we took out the tripod and played around with different settings.

Love the lacy effect of this tree

House hidden from view

Purple Tulips

So all in all it’s been a fabulous day and if I hadn’t had to blog, I would’ve forgotten ‘White Van Man”.

Hoping to go to a stately home tomorrow so fingers crossed the weather and the camera behave!!


12 thoughts on “DAY 72 (Tulips,Tripods and Tantrums)

  1. apparently rude and obnoxious behavior exists around every corner

    thankfully, you still managed to post some lovely photos … especially love the one where the house is obscured by all the branches. and of course, the tulip is lovely

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