DAY 80 (Time and Motion)

Well, I don’t know, I feel really bad I haven’t even had time to sit and read blogs and yet you’re all kind enough to visit mine…I’ll be back soon – promise.

In the meantime I did manage to get out in the most disgusting weather today, I had planned to go to the local meeting place of all the bikers but it was raining so hard they weren’t there…big softies!! As I wanted to take a couple of shots with the Time Value setting, I pitched up by the side of the road near a lovely big puddle and waited for cars to come around the bend! ย I didn’t take many as it was such a miserable day and I nearly caused a few accidents as the drivers came around the corner and saw me with a camera on a tripod I think they thought I was checking their speed…tee hee!!!

I came home wet through and freezing!!

Here are the results….



I thought I would also put a smile on your faces…we have a very beautiful flat coat retriever who walks in the woods with us, he is a pedigree and we like to call him “The Count” on account of his good breeding! ย Well just take a look at this … aha not quite as well-bred as we all thought! His owner will never talk to me again for posting this!! Good job she has a sense of humour which is more that can be said for my dog….he’s the little one on the left!!


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