DAY 82 (Spring is on it’s way!)

Well, I’ve had another lovely day – not doing much in particular but enjoying each bit of it.

I went to my photography course this morning where we discussed composure and context of photos….I’m still playing about with what we learnt last week! So had a go at panning in the woods with the dog…not very good but if nothing else it makes my dog look ‘super fit!!’ Bless, he is nearly 11 years old.

The woods were looking a little dull this morning…

…until I looked a little closer for signs of spring.  If you look close enough it’s showing signs of arriving very soon.

I found little bits and bobs around that cheered me up, with the blossom and below the buds showing through in the brambles and there’s a definate carpet of green appearing, I apologise for the appearance of the dog, but a squirrel came into shot and there’s no stopping him when a squirrel comes into play.

Spot the Dog!

All of this put me in the mood for a bit of a spring cleaning around the house, so I set about washing the floor, I went out to my cleaning cupboard to get the floor cleaner and look what I found….a mess…I then realised that I had ‘bumped’ into a robin the other day and can only assume this is the nest he was busy building!! So looks like I may have a ring side seat, I hope so. It also means that I can put the cleaning on hold for a while, oh how I like a good excuse! You can be sure that if I get any good shots, I will post them immediately, if not sooner!! Ha ha!

Oh and another thing that has put me in a super, super good mood is that I went shopping yesterday and found the most gorgeous bag….I bought it cos I ‘needed‘ it!! I paid £69 for it and when I got home I checked on Ebay, it was starting at £125 so that made it even more precious!!  Result!!


4 thoughts on “DAY 82 (Spring is on it’s way!)

  1. Great photos of your running dog, I think you did a fantastic job on the ‘panning’ I also love the blossoms… Spring will arrive yeah!!!
    And I think you did a fantastic job to buy yourself the nice bag…sometimes we just have to pamper ourselves 😉

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