DAY 87 (Bikers, Barbed Wire and Baa lambs!)

Feeling a little rough today, I’ve picked up some rotten bug and I have a terrible earache! So I had two paracetamol for breakfast and set off….to biker land.

I never thought I would have such fun.  I loved it, so many bikes, the roar of those wicked machines and the smell of petrol, ooh it was great!

On my way home by complete contrast I saw my first lambs of the year! I pulled over and parked the car and then walked back to a hole in the hedge and took a few snaps, although the lambs were too far away for my lens.  I was aware that I was being watched by some neighbours, maybe they thought I was a lamb rustler!!  I then found that I was taken by the barbed wire that surrounded the field…. at this point I got some very strange looks from the house!!!

Oh and the photo of the garage, I pass it everyday and have wanted to take a photo of it so often and at last today I got it but it’s not what I was expecting, I think I’ll have to go back and take it from another angle…something is missing and I don’t know what it is, I’ll work on it!!

I must admit I love the one of the typically English houses behind the St George Flag.

Right, I’m off to take another couple of Pain Killers and it’s an early night for me!!


10 thoughts on “DAY 87 (Bikers, Barbed Wire and Baa lambs!)

    • I know isn’t it hilarious…they were making their way from the car park to a ‘rather’ nice hotel for Sunday lunch and I don’t think they planned their crossing too well and the man was obviously beginning to think they wouldn’t make it in time!!!

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