DAY 88 (Death warmed up)

That’s how I feel!

As my Mum used to say when you were under the weather…’I feel like death warmed up’ Grotesque really when you think of it literally!!

There are other sayings that come to mind that make me chuckle. When we were little if we had something stuck in our throat that would make us cough, Mum would cheerily say ‘ Oh oh, choke a chicken!!’ What’s that all about? Lovely way to talk to kids eh?

There are so many sayings that we use on a daily basis and we don’t even think about what they mean. There is one that I love for when you’re thirsty and that’s ‘I’m spitting feathers’ but down here in the south of England the same means ‘to be angry’!

So I’ve spent most of the day lounging on the sofa going in and out of sleep and am feeling very, very weary and sorry for myself!  I did drag myself off the sofa to take some photos…of the shower…sorry no inspiration today!!

And with that I shall take my leave and go and lie down again in the hope that I will be feeling bright and breezy tomorrow in time for my photography lesson.

Ugh I hate feeling sluggish like this and I missed all the fine weather today.





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