Indigo Spider….great introduction

I’ve been meaning to put a link up for this blog for a while, I’m not a writer but it’s a great site. This link will introduce you to a page with a link to a fantastic photographer called Vivian Maier, so please go and have a look if you’ve not heard of her before.


Many thanks to Indigo for letting me discover her.


2 thoughts on “Indigo Spider….great introduction

  1. Oh my, finally catching up on long overdue reading and surprised to stumble upon this! I LOVE Vivian Maier. She was an amazing find and someone sent me the book of her photographs as a gift recently — as wonderful as her photos appear online, nothing compares to seeing them in person. Her website ( lists upcoming shows and I know they’ve been in England and Germany in the past. If you are lucky enough to have a show near you in future, I highly recommend it! I saw the exhibit when it was in NYC and loved every moment.

    • I read about the exhibitions and realised I missed them…typical but I shall keep my eyes open – I would just love to go and see them for myself. Thanks for the introduction.

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