Light Trails

My first Light Trails and it worked, I’m so chuffed!!!

This is the motorway on a section with no other lights....

I love the way you can pick out where someone has used the indicator to overtake.

And this is my favorite…..

I am so pleased with this one, love the 'whoosh' effect!

And this just for good measure cos I wanted to prove to myself that I understood what I was doing!!!


30 thoughts on “Light Trails

  1. Awesome photos! I remember trying this out when I was about 14 with my dad’s Konika in the street outside out house, before digital snaps were even being considered.

    Love that top motorway photo. Stunning stuff!

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  3. What were your camera setting for these images? I especially like the second one with the indicator. I am doing a photography project and need to reproduce work similar to you 😉

    • Hi! I don’t have a PC at the mo but here’s a rough idea. Set up camera on tripod, focus it to forth eat point ie: horizon then change to manual focus so it doesn’t change. Then setting should be on bulb and using a remote click and try different lengths of time until you get the image you want. Good luck it’s great fun. I did these one really cold winter night in my pjs!!!! And win star prize in the local county magazine! When I get my PC repaired I’ll check out exact settings and let you know. Could be a while though 😦

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