DAY 93 (Wet, but not the weather)

Oh boy what a morning!

Today, unlike yesterday, the sky was blue and the sun was out. I’ve had a wonderful two-hour walk, Charlie has collapsed in a heap and after this I really must pay attention to the house….I’m even contemplating hoovering the car…a yearly occurrence!!

I’m determined to get this diving dog project sorted. My kind friend let me borrow her dog today!! And what a corker he was!  I think I got some pretty good shots, well I’m happy with them and I hope she’ll like them too!

This is a rather large gallery, I don’t expect you to look at each photo but if you do I hope you enjoy them and understand what a great time we have walking the dogs, they never fail to make us smile.

I got some lovely shots of the swans too which I’m really pleased with.

Good luck…….


11 thoughts on “DAY 93 (Wet, but not the weather)

  1. Just looking at these dog swimming photos is making my husband jealous! My parents have a lab… or rather what we believe now to be some odd sort of lab mix/mutt because she HATES the water and she refuses to play fetch. My husband loves labs for these two reasons and has always been disappointed in our poor labrador UN- retriever. We took her in the pool once…. she didn’t look at us for weeks. The photos are great!

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