Why I hate Mother’s Day.

My lovely Mum

I hate Mother’s Day!!!

Yes, don’t I sound radical?  It’s true, it’s the one day in the year that I really, really dislike! Why?

For personal reasons, I’m not one .. and I no longer have one!  That makes it very difficult to celebrate! To add insult to injury, the whole country goes into a ‘Aren’t Mothers Wonderful’ fest for two weeks before the event!  Each television advert, every bit of point of sale signage, magazine articles even News bulletins are geared to reminding me of the fact. They seem to ram it down my throat!! Just stop, it’s not MY fault!

They’re just reenforcing the fact, that 1 – I’m not a Mother and 2 – I’m now an orphan (OK I’m pushing it a bit with the orphan thing as I am now in my fifties!! But I thought I’d go for the sympathy vote!!)

Another reason that I dislike today is that for many years I worked in catering and Mother’s Day was Hell on Earth.  It was busier than Christmas Day and noisier than Valentine’s Day (that wasn’t really hard to achieve when you just have couples gazing at each other across the table).

It’s just on Mother’s Day, we knew we were in for mayhem!  This was the typical scenario…..

Firstly, the men/husbands were in a bad mood, they were the ‘dedicated driver’ for the day and therefore they couldn’t have a drink, while the rest of the party guzzled away. Secondly, it had probably dragged them away from the sport on the television! So they were already off to a bad start! Then you had the teenagers, who didn’t want to be there. They would rather have been in their bedrooms (still in their pjs) watching some countdown of R & B or playing some console game where they kill everything in sight!! To all intents and purposes they might as well not have been there, they would sit, hunched at the table glued to the latest electronic gadget, just aware enough of what was going on around them to surface and grunt when they wanted another Cola or to ask for a pudding.  As for Grandma, well I often got the impression that she’d been dragged along, (because we have to take Mum out!). She, bless her heart was normally perched at the head of the table, with a new cardigan thrown over her shoulders and seemed totally perplexed. She appeared exhausted and couldn’t hear what the rest of the party are saying.  The portions were probably too large and she knew she would suffer with indigestion later!!

Other parties we had in, would be younger parents with younger children (toddlers). These little children would be fidgeting and crying until red in the face being made to sit for what must have seemed like an eternity, all the while ‘Mum’ looks tired and almost seemed to be very aware that it was because of these little darlings that she was being taken out for a special Sunday lunch in the first place!

So you see, I now feel better A – because I’ve had a rant and B – because I don’t have to go through all that!!!

I must point out that not all parties were like that but unfortunately far too many were!!!

Now I’m sure, that anyone reading this imagines me as a withered, nasty, bitter, old woman….I’m not really, honestly!  It’s just sometimes I see things going on and I imagine the rest!! (I believe it’s called Artistic Licence or is it an overactive imagination?)

So to all you Mums out there, I genuinely wish you a wonderful day and hope that you are spoiled rotten, because truthfully – you deserve it. If the truth were told, I would love to have Mum still here so I too could take her out for a special Sunday Lunch. 😦


9 thoughts on “Why I hate Mother’s Day.

  1. Each of the so called ‘days’ can be annoying can’t they? I think we should just be good to our loved ones all the time instead of all this commercial nonsense that mostly benefits business – bah humbug!

  2. I think it is time you adopt another mum. There are many women out there who do not have someone to spoil them on this day (either they don’t have children, or their children do not care).

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