DAY 95 (So many photos so little space!)

Well today was the last lesson of my photography course, what a shame, I’ve really enjoyed it and I felt inspired after every lesson.  What am I going to do on Tuesdays now?

The monster!

This is what’s going on in our road at the moment, a beautiful 6 bed house is being demolished and hey ho they’re going to build 4 x 4 bed houses in it’s place!! It’s a nightmare, the dust, the noise and the building contractors’ vans etc…it’s normally such a peaceful road and this project will last until Spring 2013 so if I get ratty you’ll know why….and it’s only Day 3.  On the up side, I’ve decided to take a photo of it every day to see how it progresses, so I should end up with over 300 photos of it…bet I get bored and don’t finish it!!!

With all this going on, I decided to take the dog for an evening walk and I’m so glad I did.  I took Canon with me and we had a great time. The sun was shining and gave a lovely glow on everything.  I walked for a good hour and only saw one solitary jogger and one horse rider so we had the place to ourselves….heaven!

I went to the pond (which is quite large) and the swan came over to have his photo taken….he’s a bit of a pushy so and so!! I couldn’t say no!!

Show off


This was his best 'side'

Charlie started out very perky and went mad chasing squirrels but even with me as a qualified Squirrel Scout he didn’t manage to catch one!! He never has poor old boy!!

All downhill from here!

Charlie feeling his age!

Time for a rest!

It was such a beautiful evening and the colours were really vibrant. It really lifted my spirits. I’m still suffering with this dreaded ‘lurgy’ and am now taking painkillers because I’m coughing so much that I have pains in my chest….aghhhhh….!! I ended up having a two-hour nap this afternoon…honestly I’m as old as my dog!!

Wafting grasses

Love the colours in this

New shoots

Dappled sun

Tall and proud

I’ve just been answering some comments and I find that I’ve been nominated for two more awards…honestly you’re so kind…many thanks to Colline @ and also an award nomination from so I shall have my work cut out in accepting those!  I think it will probably take me a couple of days.  I will endeavour to do them justice asap!! Thanks again.

Now then my Charlie has a habit which I can only put down to the fact that he is crossed with a Basenji (an African breed) he loves sand…maybe because he’s a little desert dog!! As soon as he is tired he has the wonderful habit of finding some sandy or dry soil and rolls in it like a chinchilla…maybe it cools him down.  I’m going to try to embed a table at the end of this post in the html page so you can see him in action…..I’m not too hot with html so anything could happen!! But first some more beautiful shots from my walk this evening.


10 thoughts on “DAY 95 (So many photos so little space!)

    • Oh my goodness, it sounds like you know him…around here they call him ‘Victor Meldrew’ because he is in fact a bit of a grump!! But not when he’s with me…ahh he loves his mum!!! I’m so soppy!!

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