DAY 101 (I’m back!!)

Well I’m back! But only just…you won’t believe this but we actually have a ‘spare’ Sony Vaio….doesn’t that sound pretentious? It’s an old one with very few bits and bobs on it that work but we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw it away….and thank goodness we didn’t. It has a keyboard that works, but there’s no way I could type a letter on it however I have managed to connect to the internet, so I’ve downloaded my photos to an external hard drive and I’m hoping that, in theory, that’s all I’ll need to post…phew, it’s been a tough day!! Oh boy it’s just taken me over 45 minutes to upload my photos onto WordPress…I’ve done the washing up and tidied the lounge whilst waiting!! It’s like being in the Middle Ages, how did we used to manage before all these mod cons?

The promise of fine weather

This was the sky last night, a poor attempt – if you want to see some amazing sunset shots get yourselves over to, she takes some truly fantastic photos.
I took a couple of black and white photos today for a change just to see how they would turn out. There’s also a shot of a new dog in the woods called Floyd and he’s super, he’s a cross between a Doberman and a giant Schnauzer (don’t ask me how that happened!!!) But the result is impressive!

Kind Eyes

Dear Old Pablo

New Boy on the Block







Along the canal this afternoon and realised that photos of the canal aren’t my bag…isn’t that strange? I was sure that I would really enjoy it and get some great shots but I found it surprisingly ‘samey’. I did love the boat named ‘Katies Dream’ though….It was a very sad sight, all the other boats were clean and smart. this one stood out because it looked so unkempt and unloved, I just found the name a little ironic.

Hopes and Aspirations

Canal Walk

Coming back into the car park after my walk I noticed a beautiful butterfly on the ground and tried desperately to get a photo of it…now picture this, I have a back pack with my tripod and all my photographic paraphernalia, a dog on an extending lead who’s pulling me to go and see the ducks and I’m crouched down on one knee on very painful gravel, with one hand trying to get a close up of a butterfly…honestly why do I bother? As for this manual photography, well everything changes, doesn’t it? When you come out from the cover of the trees into the sunny car park….it’s enough to drive a woman to drink! So I apologise for the terrible quality, and for the shadow of the dogs lead cutting the beauty in half!! By the time I’d realised the shadow was there the butterfly kindly closed his wings!! Honestly sometimes I think I’ll just pop the dial back to A for Automatic!!!

Red Admiral with shadow, thanks Charlie!!

Red Admiral

I decided to finish up with some flowers….they don’t fly away!! So it’s dogs and flowers for me….boats and butterflies..Nah I’ll leave those to someone more talented….

Have a great week…..I’m looking forward to more clicking!!

White Flower

Flowering Jasmin


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    • Yes that’s fine as long as they are credited and linked back to me that’s fine…if you use one, do let me know so I can see what context it’s in. Indigo Spider uses them as prompts for her writing challenges…check out her site, it’s really good.

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