DAY 103 (so close to tears)

I’m just about at the end of my tether…did you see the film “Julie,Julia?” When she collapsed on the kitchen floor in a crying heap? Yeah? Well that’s me tonight, I might even go so far as to say my bottom lip is beginning to quiver! I’M LIVID! And yes I’m shouting! I have one computer lying upside down on the dining room table with its legs in the air, doing a very good impression of a dead fly. I have another computer taking over 30 mins to warm up and then it flashes a blue screen at me and freezes! A laptop that has to be cranked up by hand and won’t connect to the Internet! I have a camera full of lovely photos (I hope) that I can’t download! So I’m reduced to sitting again and typing my blog with my index finger when all I want to do is thump the life out of the keys on the keyboard. If this situation goes on for much longer I think I really will cry.

How on earth did we cope before computers, I realise that I need it so much, emails, paying bills, checking things out, updating hubby’s website and of course my beloved photos. I feel as though my lifeline has been cut off. The worst thing is, I don’t know when it will be fixed, ‘times is tough’ as they say up north, and who has a couple of 100 quid on one side at the moment. Not me, that’s for sure.
I’d had such a lovely day, fab walk, then haircut, lunch in the garden in the sunshine, it was 22 degrees today, then another walk to the pond, where we sat and watched a goose being chased by a swan! It was so funny I’m quite sure they were playing a game together, the swan would glide up behind the goose, then up his speed, the goose would flap, flap and lift off, fly a couple of hundred yards and settle, then the swan would do the same thing again and again! I took some photos so I really hope they turned out ok, that remains to be seen.
Charlie paddled, I swear he thinks that he’s swimming! He’s not too good in water I put it down to the fact that he has a curly tail and therefore has no rudder! He was definitely smiling, splashing and thrashing around in the shallows! He seemed particularly pleased that Hubby was there, it was almost as though he was showing off!
I feel so frustrated, there were a couple of things that I wanted to blog about, friendship, responsibility, inspiration, caring and fun times however there is no way I will have the patience to do that with one finger so it’s going to have to wait.
I shall wish you all a good evening and all I can say is I am so grateful for all the great things I have but please, please, please, let me get the computer repaired soon or I am going to be hell to live with!!


14 thoughts on “DAY 103 (so close to tears)

  1. It’s hard to believe how our computers become extensions of our day, UNTIL one of them up and dies on us, and we are left squawking mad and forlorn. Hope you are up and running again soon.

    • I have to do something otherwise I won’t complete my challenge 365 photos!! I’m just trying to upload a couple of photos….we’ll see how it goes…if you hear a wailing scream, you’ll know it didn’t work!!!

  2. Incase u think my ‘like’ was for the situation u are in then no…it is for the beautiful way u have put it into words…u really have a way with words there 🙂 Really enjoyed this post 🙂 Hope ur lappy gets fixed soon n u don’t have to miss a day of ur challenge 🙂 All the best !

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